Why We Love Content Journey

Love is in the air. Or that may be the delicious smell of the banana bread I baked last night. Either way, on half-priced heart candy day, we’re sharing why we love Content Journey as part of our sharing the love series for February.

Client Love

As you likely know, I started Content Journey in 2020 to help small to midsize businesses use big business tech approaches to grow their brands. Since we launched, we’ve grown to serve more than 20 clients and counting. But we don’t work with just anyone. We choose people that we want to win. Because, when we are working at night or on weekends, it needs to be for people we want to succeed. 

I love sharing in our clients’ successes. There have been moments when I have checked a client’s analytics and squealed out loud. Their victories are our victories. Nothing would make me happier than seeing every one of our clients unimaginably successful. It’s what I live for!

And our entire team feels this way about our clients. Emilee, our chief director of operations, said:

“All of our clients are doing such cool work. I love finding ways to capture their unique voice and vision in the content we create. We don’t work with just anyone. We choose people that we want to win, so when we are working hard, we know why we are committed to delivering the quality our clients deserve.”

For Taylor, our director of client success, her job is representing our clients to the team and ensuring client success with Content Journey. She said:

“Our clients really are some of the nicest people. I look forward to meeting with them every day, no matter which client I’m scheduled to talk to.”

Content Journey Love

I wanted more than to serve our clients when I founded Content Journey. I wanted to create the workplace I’d always wanted. I wanted a place where we worked hard, but also kept work where it belongs. Where we love each other and our work, but we also have plenty of time for the things that are most important in life, like our families. I think I’ve done that, which is one of the reasons our team loves Content Journey so much.

Our team now has four full-time employees, two part-time employees, and 15 freelance writers. I love the team we’ve built. I feel like we’ve gotten so lucky to have the leadership team and the writers that make working at Content Journey special. Taylor said:

“I love working with amazing women who set me up for success and help me be the best version of myself.”

And here’s what Content Director Kenna said about our fabulous team of writers:

“We have the most amazingly talented group of writers on our team. There isn’t a better team of writers out there. I love how they’re so different individually and how those differences make each of them perfect for the clients they serve.”

And once I created that workplace, I wanted to maintain it with a culture built around specific values.

Content Journey’s values are:

  • Care. We care about ourselves, our families, each other, our clients as individual people, and our clients’ success.
  • Kindness. We are kind to each other and treat our clients the way we want to be treated.
  • Intentional Honesty. Sometimes we have to deliver bad news. Maybe your website isn’t set up for success, or you’re just not a good fit for Content Journey’s services. Not every client is a perfect fit for us and vice versa. We are intentionally honest with all of our clients and prospective clients, regardless of what we have to communicate. We communicate with kindness. And we always try to guide the next steps, even if those steps aren’t with us. We take this approach because we truly care about people and their success.

I love the culture that we’ve built here. It isn’t just in our daily work life but the clients who are drawn to us. It’s why work is so much fun. We’re all aligned in the reasons we are here doing this work.

And, of course, I want work to be fun. Not just me saying it’s fun. Actual fun. Here’s what Kenna said: 

“I said the other day that every day is fun at CJ. I meant it. This company was built on the idea of doing amazing work and living your best life outside of work. Our team cares about each other and strives to make that happen every single day.”

Sharing the Love

I’m not saying Content Journey is perfect. In many ways, we’re still a scrappy little startup working to carefully define our processes. But we have a dream team in place while we’re doing it. We care about each other, our business, and our clients. What more could I ask for? 

If you’d like to know more about working with Content Journey, I’d love to talk to you. Book a call and let’s discuss how we can help you grow your business.

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