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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some questions we get asked a lot as people explore their options for blazing their own content marketing path.


We’re always available for a quick chat to help you decide the right package for your business. Our plans offer choices that can match every type of business. Our Visibility Plan is great for a business that has a large social media following but needs to start getting more people on their website. The Consistency Plan is a good fit for businesses ready to start getting more organic traffic to their site. The Mastery Plan is best for businesses that understand the importance of content, but don’t have the time to dedicate to creating multiple posts per week.

All of our plans are designed to start bringing new people to your website through organic traffic channels.

After you purchase your plan, you will receive an email giving you a choice of meeting times. Choose a time that is convenient for you. We will come prepared to get to know you and your business. After our initial meeting, we start researching keywords and preparing your content plan.

There’s a reason we can price our research and content packages so low. It starts with us taking on the work of your research and strategy from the beginning, then spreading the cost throughout your 12-month agreement. We want your business to succeed. The commitment is just one way we work to keep our prices affordable and our work product the best in the industry. If you don’t think a year-long contract is feasible for your business, that’s ok too. You can work with us on a path with content only.

You can change your plan at any time by emailing your guide or If you need an extra lead magnet or a few extra posts, but not every month, we have add-on options for existing clients. Each additional blog post is $600 and each additional lead magnet is $750 to $2,500, depending on what you need. Your guide will help you decide what’s best for your business and schedule the content.

We will reevaluate your content plan when we’re nearing the end of our first year together. We’ll also do another round of research to discover more opportunities for your business to grow in our second year together. Simply opt-in to continue our relationship, and you won’t see a stop in the delivery of your content.

Visibility Path clients receive 1 lead magnet each quarter. Only one of these four is an ebook.

Consistency and Mastery Path clients receive a lead magnet every other month. Mastery clients can have 2 ebooks as lead magnets in their packages.


The first step in your Content Journey is to meet your Guide. Your Guide will ask you questions to learn about you, your team, your business, industry, and competitors. We also use this time to learn about your brand voice and how you want to be represented online. Finally, you’ll complete a simple questionnaire that enables us to begin our research.

The research step is when we really dig into your business and its online presence. Research is our focus during the first month of our partnership so we have the data to inform our content strategy. Our keyword research is a 15-step process where we analyze and find the best keywords to create strategic growth for you. The process begins with data mining internal and external sources and reports.

We create a seed list of SEO keywords and use a combination of tools to add as many keywords for your business as possible. From this list, we look at search engine data and prioritize keywords based on multiple metrics. These metrics balance search numbers with ease of “winning” the keyword. We also view your competitors and the words they rank for and look for opportunities for advancement.

Once our extensive research process is complete, we share our results with you. We ensure you understand what we learned and, based on the data, how we plan to improve your online presence. We outline our full content strategy and make sure we have the best approach.

It starts with the relationship. Before we post a single blog, we put hours into researching your business and learning your voice. We study your site and record conversations, so we can revisit them later. We may have more questions when we start delivering your content. But that’s so we can really capture your voice. The work on the front end helps us exceed your expectations throughout the rest of the year.

We’ll meet after we complete our initial research to discuss our findings and our plan for your content. At that time, we’ll agree upon the findings that will inform our content-related decisions.

In the second month of our partnership, we assign an experienced writer from our team to your brand. We take extra care to pair you with a writer that knows your industry and can speak from your brand voice. Our goal is to create content for you that no one can tell was written by someone else. You review these initial pieces before publishing to ensure we’re using the right tone. We implement feedback and start publishing your SEO-optimized content. Then we continue this process each month with the same writer.


Your Guide will put your blog post in the admin area of your site. Making adjustments to make sure it is optimized for the keyword we are targeting. And for the Consistent and Mastery package we will include optimized royalty free images that match your brand as well. Then, you can publish the post on your schedule, OR we can schedule it for you after we receive your approval.

We try to do our customers a service by providing great content driven by strategy that will start earning them organic traffic. We can do (and in many cases recommend) a full SEO audit. This way we can start our work with making sure that other components of SEO are working right. This would include technical components as well as off-site, competitor’s and current keyword rankings.

The basis of a successful Google Ads strategy is built from keyword research, so this is something we do for clients. If you have other digital marketing needs like social media, website design/development or anything else we have an extensive partner network we use.

Yes! We’ll have regular check-ins to discuss how things are progressing and if any changes should be made. You also receive monthly reports filled with analytics and observations, charting your journey’s progress. And, of course, we’re available to answer any questions or concerns you have at any time.


Content is definitely a strategic game. We have some clients who start seeing more traffic around 30-45 days and others that have taken longer than 90 days. BUT we create our plans strategically so the first posts that we publish are real opportunities for your business. We go after higher traffic, “harder” keywords later in the plan.

I’m Ready! How Do I Get Started on my Content Journey?

After you make a decision on which plan will work best for your business, we will set up a meeting and start getting to know each other. You will get to choose a meeting time that works for your schedule, and we come prepared to get to know you, your business, and your goals.

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