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You’re a Published Author? If Only!

You have knowledge in your industry that others don’t have because of years of experience. You’d love to share that information with others and gain credibility for yourself as a thought leader. Being a published author would elevate your authority and help grow your business. But you don’t even know where to start writing a book — traditional or electronic. And, if you did know how, you certainly don’t have the time to spend the six months it takes to write a business book. Who can do that while they run a business? 

If only there were a way to…

  • Share the knowledge and expertise you’ve acquired through the years
  • Gain credibility and authority by helping others learn from your experience
  • Grow your business by becoming a published author and getting  your name out there

Outsourcing your book writing allows you to accomplish those goals without sacrificing your leisure time or sleep. Content Journey can partner with you to help your author dreams come true.

It Looks So Easy

Writing a book looks so easy. After all, it seems like every business leader you know releases regular e-books or has an author title in the bookstore. It takes an average of 180 days of daily writing to write a book and about a month to write an e-book. Given the time it takes, chances are some of those business leaders are letting a ghostwriter do the heavy lifting. 

It’s up to you to decide. Which is better? You can partner with a professional to write your book and provide people with the knowledge you’re storing away. Or you can rely on finding the time to write it and figure out how to publish it yourself.

Even if you outsource book writing, the benefits to your business are still there. Most business owner authors say writing a book helped grow their business. The authority of being a published author is no joke.

Let Content Journey Help You Publish

Whether it’s a book or e-book you want to publish, Content Journey can help. We know you want to share your story, and we want that for you. That’s why our process includes interviewing you to hear your unique stories in your own words and writing a full content outline for you to review, comment on, and approve. 

If we’re writing your book, we’ll then send it to you chapter by chapter for revisions. We may also need to do additional interviews if there are more personal anecdotes you’d like to include. If we’re writing an e-book, we’ll complete all the content and send it to you for review and revision.

After revision is complete, we’ll design and publish your e-book for you or provide you with a formatted copy of your book to self-publish or send to a publisher. And we’ll do it all within an agreed-upon timeframe. It’s that simple!

We’re professional writers, so writing is easy for us. We’ll work on your book while you run your business. 

Every Content Journey package includes lead magnets, which may consist of an e-book. We can also create a special package for an e-book, series of e-books, or traditional book project. 

Ready to be an Author?

Are you ready to share your knowledge and expertise as a published author? If so, reach out to us today, and let’s get started!