Announcing Content Journey

Today, I’m excited to announce my newest endeavor — Content Journey — providing high-quality, search engine optimized content for small businesses and “be an extension of your marketing team” as one of our clients recently said.

Your customers are on a journey to solve their problems.
Content Journey helps your business become their trusted guide.

Every good digital marketing strategy includes a healthy dose of content marketing.

But small businesses often don’t have the time or energy to consistently produce great content.

That’s a big problem … and why I created Content Journey.

What Led Me Here

Over the years, I watched my spouse, Cory Miller, as he navigated the world of online digital products. His primary focus for customer acquisition was driven through great consistent content that educates and teaches.

Then over the last 3+ years at Liquid Web in various marketing roles, I got to transfer and apply my skills and experiences I gained in political fundraising to help build and grow our Managed WordPress hosting products and community.

Before my first WordCamp talk

Not only did Chris Lema take me under his wing and give me the opportunity to pivot my career into marketing, but during my time at Liquid Web, I was fortunate enough to get to work some amazing people, including (but not limited to) Terry Trout, Jessica Frick, Rhonda Capone, Carrie Wheeler, Joe Oesterling and briefly, Rachel Martin.

All of whom taught me so much and bolstered my confidence. It really felt like all the work I had done over the years had brought me to this place where I could not only contribute, but learn and make a difference. (Thank you so much!)

In so many ways I know I am standing on the shoulders of giants.

I have literally learned from the best and I want to leverage all that I have learned to pass it along. I feel best when I am helping others. It is why I subscribed wholeheartedly to “Make People’s Lives Awesome” at iThemes.

And in my own way I am ready to do that again.

In fact, I learned and reaffirmed something about myself through this whole path …

I feel immense success when the people I work with WIN.
And I want to help YOU win.

#boothlife with my good friend AJ Morris

Never Go Alone

I wouldn’t have Content Journey without Cory Miller’s love and support. The road here has been filled with learning experiences that have only made this offering and me stronger. But Content Journey and I wouldn’t be here without him.

Next, AJ Morris has been a solid friend who I have relied on. And this website and amazing design wouldn’t exist without him putting up with me.

I am also lucky enough to have found the first member of the Content Journey team, Camber Clemence (you can read about her here).

We have been working together a few weeks and it might as well have been years. We are a great team. Camber brings amazing talents to the table including a strong writing ability, organization that I desperately need and a fresh set of eyes to help deliver high quality content for our clients. And I would be lying if I didn’t love that she too is going on her own career journey using her skills gained in retail and applying them to digital experiences.

Ready to Finally Get A Consistent Content Plan for Your Business?

I’m eager to learn more about your organization and how we can help you. I will share how my process works and learn about your goals and see if we are a good fit.

But maybe you just want to help by spreading the word or sending an encouraging word, all are equally appreciated. And I may have a super secret referral program and if you want those details send me a message and I will fill you in.

Today I am filled with excitement and gratitude and I know I wouldn’t be here without every single person who has helped me along my own journey.


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