Meet Taylor Seabolt

Did you know we have a person at Content Journey whose entire job focuses on making our clients happy and successful? Well, we do! Meet Taylor Seabolt! This Instagram-loving lady joined our team full time after months of working part time with us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Taylor loves seeing people happy and successful, which makes her a perfect fit as Content Journey’s director of client success. In her new role, Taylor works directly with our clients to guide them on their path to success. Taylor has a fantastic way of understanding and explaining our processes so everyone understands what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. In her new role, a big part of Taylor’s job is being a staunch advocate of clients’ brand voices, which means she engages with clients more and knows them better than anyone else on the team. She’s their go-to at Content Journey.

If you’ve met Taylor, you know that her smile is contagious. She loves making others feel welcome and happy. And our clients love Taylor. Even when we’re on a group call, Taylor is the person they want to talk to. She’s got a friendly face and a helpful attitude, which makes her enjoyable for clients and teammates to work with.

Another part of Taylor’s job is that she gets to create fun celebrations when clients and team members reach important milestones. She creates unique, exciting ways to celebrate all our successes. 

Before joining Content Journey, Taylor was a blackjack dealer for more than a decade. Customer service and satisfaction were always her goal, even if she (sadly) couldn’t help anyone win. If she can keep losing gamblers happy, she’ll have no problem at all pleasing our already successful customers, right?

When we were looking for someone who could connect with our clients and make sure that all their needs were met, there was no one that came to mind more than Taylor. Her customer service experience is unparalleled.

Lindsey Miller, Content Journey lead guide

When it comes to Taylor’s relationship with me, it began long before her blackjack dealing days. We met at the University of Oklahoma where we were college roommates. 

Taylor, who was in the Pride of Oklahoma, is still a die-hard OU fan. And we have remained friends since our college days.  

Taylor lives in Norman, Oklahoma, with her partner, Michael, and son, Hunter. They have a dog, a cat, a lizard, and four chickens. Yes, you read that right.

When she’s not working to make Content Journey clients happy, Taylor likes to play tennis and do arts and crafts. Her favorite thing to do is sit on her deck in the evening with a glass of wine and laugh with her friends.

We’re thrilled to have Taylor join our team full time. We know our clients already enjoy working with her, and we love the energy she brings to our team. We look forward to celebrating many future successes with her.

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