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Sharing the Love in February

There’s a lot of love to share here at Content Journey. We love our team, our clients, and the work we do for them. So we decided the month of love is a perfect time to share some of that love with you! This post outlines what you can expect from us this month.

A Bit About Content Journey

I started Content Journey in 2020 to help small to midsize businesses use big business tech approaches to grow their brands. Content Journey takes SEO best practices and combines them with purposeful content to increase brand awareness and, ultimately, sales. Since we launched, Content Journey has grown to serve more than 20 clients and counting. Our team now has four full-time employees, two part-time employees, and 15 freelance writers.

So, Why All This Love Stuff?

Content Journey is a people-first company. Our values reflect this focus. And honestly, our values are about love — love and respect for our clients and each other.

Content Journey’s values are:

  • Care. We care about ourselves, our families, each other, our clients as individual people, and our clients’ success.
  • Kindness. We are kind to each other and treat our clients the way we want to be treated.
  • Intentional Honesty. Sometimes we have to deliver bad news. Maybe your website isn’t set up for success, or you’re just not a good fit for Content Journey’s services. Not every client is a perfect fit for us and vice versa. We are intentionally honest with all of our clients and prospective clients, regardless of what we have to communicate. We communicate with kindness. And we always try to guide the next steps, even if those steps aren’t with us. We take this approach because we truly care about people and their success.
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Sharing the Love in February

So given our core values (and maybe because we’re a little bit sappy), we decided to focus all our February content on sharing the love. 

Here’s what you can expect from us in February:

  • Niche Content. Our blog will be full of niche content related to the love theme, including how to show clients the love and how to help build a workplace that helps your team love what they do. We also will pull this theme and related advice into our weekly email newsletter. Not subscribed? Subscribe now via the link at the bottom of our homepage! You won’t want to miss this content marketing help!
  • A Fabulous Webinar. I’m hosting a webinar on How to Know If You’re Working With a Shady Agency at 2 p.m. Feb. 15.
  • Themed Social. We’ll be sharing things we love about our clients, feedback from them, and results we love on our social media accounts. If you aren’t following Content Journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, now’s the time! 
  • Lots of Love. We’re always sharing lots of love around here, but it’s our focus in February, so get ready for us to love hard!

Join the Lovefest!

I’m not sure who wouldn’t want to be part of this fabulously cheesy team. We’re not making this stuff up! We really do love our clients, work, and team. And our clients love us right back. Want to know more about working with us? Book a call to discuss how our content marketing services can help your business.

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