Text Message Marketing

Get Immediate Attention from Your Audience

Communicate directly with customers

Get instant attention

Track responses and effectiveness

Have Your Customers at Your Fingertips

Your client communication could use some work. You need a way to communicate directly with your customer base to get them quick messages. You want to be able to reach out to them about promotions and orders and to provide them with other reminders. But there’s no way you can message each of them separately. 

You want personalized customer outreach that they’ll pay attention to and take action on. Oh, and it should be cost-effective. 

Text message or SMS marketing is the tool you need. Businesses use text message marketing to communicate directly with customers and get their immediate attention.

Content Journey can create a text message campaign for you and even recommend a platform to send messages if you don’t have one.

Ding! Bing! You’ve Got Their Attention

Text message marketing is the solution if you’re looking for a way to get your customers’ immediate attention. 

Text message marketing has a 98% open rate, making it the most effective way to directly reach most of your customers. And customers don’t mind getting messages from brands. They sign up for them! More than 90% of customers say they want to receive messages from the brands they choose because text messages are a convenient way to communicate. 

Half of customers respond to brand text messages they receive, making SMS marketing an effective form of communication that you can easily track. You know whether your customer received the message, opened it, and how many of them engaged further by clicking a link or responding in another way.

Oh, and did we mention the ROI? Brands make more than $70 on average from every dollar spent on text message marketing. 

Immediate attention, direct response, and epic returns on the investment? What do you have to lose?

Let Content Journey Lead Your Mobile Marketing

Here’s the thing about SMS marketing… your customers have to trust you enough to give you their phone number and agree to allow you to message them. You don’t want to take that permission lightly. That means you need to make sure each message you send has immense value to them and is effective for your business. You can’t just text them like you would you bestie. You must be intentional!

Text message software also integrates with chat on your website, and can be used to gather Google and Facebook reviews. It isn’t just about text message marketing anymore, it is so much more. 

Content Journey’s team is ready to create compelling text marketing messages for you that will serve your customers, help you communicate with them better, and assist in growing your business. We’ll do it all with our SMS campaign add-on services, from conception and creation to distribution. You can sit back and focus on the outcomes.

Ready for Instant Communication?

Are you ready to serve your customers at their fingertips? Do you want instant communication with immediate results you can measure? If so, reach out to us today. We’re ready to be your SMS marketing agency and so much more.