Email Marketing

Stay Connected to Your Audience

Stay top-of-mind

Drive traffic to your website

Build relationships and generate leads

Build Ongoing Relationships With Your Clients

You have amazing clients, and you want to keep it that way. You want to make sure people remember your product or service and think of it when they need to buy. You covet word-of-mouth recommendations and want to be sure your current clients remember your brand when their friends and loved ones need help in your niche.

If only there were a way to… 

  • Stay top-of-mind for your current customers so they’ll remember your brand when they want to make a purchase themselves or recommend it to others
  • Drive traffic to your website where people can learn more about your products or services and the new ways your business can help them
  • Build relationships with customers that establish loyalty while generating new leads

Email marketing is the way to accomplish all of these goals.

You’ve Got Email

Email marketing services can help you stay in touch and build better relationships with customers who are already fans. After all, they opted in to receive your messages, which means inherent interest and strong potential leads. Half of email users said they like receiving messages from brands they love. 

Promoting your blog content via email can keep them visiting your site, and special promotional offers will encourage them to make purchases and share them with their friends. 

On average, companies that use email marketing get almost $40 for every dollar they spend on the approach. In other words, email converts.

Let Content Journey Do Your Email Copywriting

Using email for marketing and lead generation means showing up consistently — once a month, once a week, or even daily — in your audience’s inboxes. Professional email writing services make this possible to do while you run your business.

Content Journey’s email copywriting team has decades of experience writing and editing all types of content, including marketing emails and drip campaigns. Our content marketing writers know precisely how to craft emails that build relationships, drive traffic, and create sales. Our email copywriting services mean that your email newsletter or promotion is well-written, meticulously edited, and delivered according to best practices. 

Email marketing lead generation works, which is why email copywriting services are part of every Content Journey package plan.

We offer monthly newsletters, custom template designs, nurture campaigns, and sales funnel emails. We will even set up your email automation sequences. Our experienced team understands the importance of different types of email campaigns and will help you determine which is right for your business.

Monthly Newsletter

Staying in Touch

  • Monthly Send
  • Platform Setup
  • Template Design
  • Content Sections
  • Design and Photos

$350 /Month


Sales Funnel

Emails to Persuade

  • (6) Emails that Sell
  • Automated in your Platform
  • Template Design
  • Made for your Brand
  • Written in your Voice

$1500 /Month


Nurture Series

Emails to Build

  • (6) Emails to Build Relationship
  • Automated in your Platform
  • Template Design
  • Customized to your Brand
  • Written in your Voice

$1500 /Month


If you are looking for more than email marketing, we can also design your email templates, provide your list management and create your email automations.

Ready for Email Marketing Services?

Do you want to keep your customer relationships strong, resulting in repeated sales and word-of-mouth recommendations? If so, reach out to us today. We’re ready to be your email copywriting service.