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Fun, Photos, Food, and Pampering: Content Journey Team Thrives at First Retreat

If all work and no play makes you dull, the Content Journey team is exciting. 

The Oklahoma City metro part of our team participated in our first retreat last week. The two-day retreat, hosted by our Lead Guide Lindsey Miller, was part work and a lot of relaxation. 

“Our team has grown quickly in the last few months, so it was important to me that we all get together and have fun,” Lindsey said.

The only thing that would have made the retreat better is if our Floridian teammates could have joined us. But life happens, and gathering a remote team in one place isn’t easy. 

“There were circumstances that kept some of the team away this time, but that just means I get to plan another retreat soon where everyone can be together,” Lindsey said.

The retreat started Thursday with lunch, followed by total relaxation with treatments at Three Graces Spa in Oklahoma City. Lindsey and Marketing Coordinator Taylor Seabolt are professional spa goers, but it was my first time to have a massage. Who knew I had all of those knots? I guess carrying stress in my neck and shoulders is the price I pay for being a content director. 

After the spa, we headed back to the new Omni Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, where we spent some time in the swimming pool and hot tub. 

Lead Guide Lindsey Miller, Content Director Kenna Griffin, and Marketing Coordinator Taylor Seabolt couldn’t resist hitting the pool after a day at the spa. And, of course, selfies were taken.

The view from the Omni is impressive, especially from the pool area. I love to see Oklahoma City showing off. 

The view of Scissortail Park and Scissortail Bridge from the pool area of the new Omi Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City.

After getting ready, we rode the Oklahoma City Streetcar to dinner. It was my first time riding the Streetcar too. I guess you could say it was a day of firsts for me. And holy cow the food at Red Prime was delicious! We may have over-ordered, but I regret nothing. Also, Lindsey’s recommendation of the tamale appetizer was spot on. I know, it sounds like a strange place for a tamale, but trust us and give them a try!

We followed dinner with drinks at O Bar. There is a reason people voted it OKC’s best rooftop bar. The view was amazing. OKC showing off again! Oh, and the Pink Zebra was yummy.

The view of Midtown and downtown Oklahoma City from OBar.

The pampering continued Friday morning with hair appointments at Drybar. I wish I could go there and get my hair fixed every day. Let’s face it… that’s the only way my hair is getting fixed every day. I will go back, for sure.

After that final pampering, it was time to get to work! Lindsey had a clipboard and a plan.

Lead Guide Lindsey Miller with her clipboard and a photo plan.

We went to The Treasury to take about a bazillion stock photos and team pics. The coworking building on film row had so many great spaces for us to take photos in. And our photographer, Talisha Lewallen, owner of Pop My Business, was fabulous! She was funny and patient as we planned out and she shot thousands (Ok, I was a little dramatic earlier with the whole “bazillion” thing.) of photos. 

Photographer Talisha Lewallen and Lead Guide Lindsey Miller discuss a shot. Talisha is the owner of Pop My Business.

After that, we had a quick lunch to fill up and refresh our smiles, then went back to the hotel to take even more pictures, including headshots. 

When that was done, it was time for us to say goodbye. I have to admit, I was sad to see these amazing women go. It’s not like I don’t talk to them daily or see them regularly, but we had so much fun bonding. 

“This retreat was truly amazing. So many conversations, thoughts, laughs, and smiles where shared throughout the weekend,” Taylor said. “Lindsey really is the hostess with the mostest. I am so honored to be part of Content Journey, and I am excited to see what all Lindsey has in store for us.”

At this point Marketing Coordinator Taylor Seabolt and Content Director Kenna Griffin were getting a little slap happy. But it still was sad to leave each other.

A friend of mine said she’s never had a work retreat that didn’t “feel like a hostage situation.” Our retreat was the total opposite. It helped us bond, refresh, accomplish some work, and brainstorm ways to better serve our clients. In other words, our retreat accomplished what all retreats should. 

Thank you, Lindsey, for planning a fantastic event for us and being a boss who puts people first — our clients and our team.

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