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You Need to Elevate Your Writing

You enjoy writing and think you have a strong style, but you’re not sure your prose is professional level. You get frustrated when you’re trying to improve your writing on your own. You wish you had an expert to help you ensure it’s ready for public consumption. You don’t think you need to hire a professional writer, but you sure wish you had someone to:

  • Make sure you’re capturing your brand voice the way you want to
  • Eliminate errors in grammar and edit your writing for best stylistic practices
  • Improve the overall quality of your writing
  • Help you feel confident that your writing is ready for an audience instead of afraid that you will make your brand look less professional

You’re right! You don’t need a writer. You need an editor. And Content Journey can help!

The Art of Editing

Many people can write, but it takes a meticulous mind to polish content until it shines. Editing is an art because everyone approaches it slightly differently, but the end product is a strong piece of expression that makes meaning and evokes emotion in the reader.

An experienced editor can take content — whether it’s a service page, blog post, or e-book — from you or your team members and elevate it to meet professional standards.

A content marketing editor will massage your content until it’s the right length, tone, and structure. They’ll check facts, grammar, spelling, and punctuation along the way. And they’ll ensure it follows SEO best practices, so you get the most traction from every piece. 

With a good editor as your partner, you never have to wonder if your writing is up to snuff.

Let Content Journey Polish Your Writing

If you have pieces written but need help making them publishable, Content Journey can help. Our team’s editing process starts with a macro-level review to ensure the piece is complete and sets the right tone, among other things. Then we do micro-level edits for spelling, grammar, punctuation, SEO, etc. After all of the nitty-gritty editing is complete, another team member reads the piece and applies our quality control checklist to ensure we didn’t miss a thing.

We’ll polish your writing until it shines for readers and search engines alike.

All of our packages include professional editing of every piece of content. But we also can provide a la carte editing services if that better fits your needs.

Ready for Editing Magic?

Are you ready for readers to rave about your content and share it with your friends? Do you want to be known as a thought leader who writes things just the right way? If so, reach out to us today. We’re ready to edit your copy.