SEO Content Writing Services

Effective Content Marketing that Begins with SEO Research

Clear path with defined goals

Expert team of SEO researchers and writers

Monthly updates to track progress

Your Business Needs a Strategic SEO Plan

You know you need to use SEO to get traffic to your website. After all, it’s no secret that people turn to search engines when they’re looking to make a purchase or need information. In fact, more than 65% of people go online to do research before buying. You don’t want to miss that potential website traffic! Still, SEO seems confusing, and the idea of SEO research leaves you feeling more than a little uncertain. It would be nice if:

  • You had a partner who you felt confident could do the SEO research for you
  • They could explain what they were doing in ways you could understand and replicate
  • You’d get a research-based content plan to help you meet your business goals
  • A team of writers would enact the plan, so you didn’t have to think about it
  • You’d receive monthly updates, so you’d know what was working and could track progress

Guess what? There’s a way to get all of that and more.

Content Journey Guides Your SEO Content Marketing Plans

Partnering with Content Journey gives you the SEO research and education you need while our SEO writing services grow your website traffic. We have decades of experience in SEO campaign management, and our partner clients’ successes prove it. We’ve grown websites 1,200% year over year and a client attributes our work with $850,000 in new business.

We take the time to do the SEO research and present the plan to you in a way you can understand. Sure, the research has to speak “robot language,” but we all speak and write for humans. 

Once we are on the same clear path and have your content plan in place, our writers provide the SEO writing services to drive the right traffic to your website. Then we provide you with monthly reports showing how our SEO content writing services work to help grow your business. We’ll also recommend changes to your site and its contents to make an even greater impact.

Your Solution for SEO Campaign Management

SEO is more than technical mumbo jumbo. SEO content marketing is the consistent delivery and execution of a data-driven SEO plan. It works every single time when performed correctly. With Content Journey as your partner, you’ll receive:

  • SEO keyword research that’s clearly explained to you.
  • A strategic content marketing plan based on that SEO research that is aligned with your business goals. 
  • An SEO blog writing team that understands your business and the tone you want to use when speaking to potential customers. 
  • SEO content writing for posts, pages, and other materials that’s done professionally and delivered on deadline.
  • Social media posts to promote your content and grow your reach.
  • Lead magnets to increase email subscribers.
  • Monthly newsletters written and delivered on schedule.
  • Regular communication, including monthly reports to show you how our SEO content writing services are working for your business.

The Visibility Path

Ideal for Getting Started

  • (2) 850-1500 word posts per month
  • (4) Quarterly lead magnets
  • (4) Social media posts

The Consistency Path

Ideal for Most Businesses/ Organizations

  • (4) 1000-1800 word posts per month
  • (6) Yearly lead magnets
  • (8) Social media posts
  • (4) Hours of technical SEO work
  • (1) Monthly newsletter

The Mastery Path

Ideal for Big Results

  • (8) 1000-1800 word posts per month
  • (6) Yearly lead magnets
  • (16) Social media posts
  • (1) Full-site audit
  • (10) Hours of technical SEO work
  • (2) Bi-monthly newsletter
  • (2) Email campaign or welcome series
  • Dedicated writer for consistency

All Plans Include:

  • Strategy, planning & keyword research
  • Editorial plan based on research
  • Blog posts written with intelligent SEO
  • Social media content promotion
  • Monthly website analytics report
  • Publish to WordPress blog

Each plan requires a 12-month commitment, but we bill monthly.

Ready for Your Website to Become Your Best Salesperson?

Are you ready for your website to work 24/7/365 to bring attention to your business? Keyword research and SEO content writing services are the way to make it happen. Your website will become your best salesperson, sending traffic to your messages day and night. Reach out to us today. We’re ready to be your SEO content marketing agency.