The Content Journey team hard at work discussing marketing strategy and content planning

How to Know If You Should Hire a Content Marketing Agency

Building a business isn’t easy. We know. We’re building one too. And as business owners, we’re open to hearing about any products or services that will help us take our business to the next level, which is why we want you to know about content marketing. Specifically, we want you to understand how to know …

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Webinar slide: Dazzle and Delight Your Audience with Lindsey Miller

Webinar: Dazzle and Delight Your Audience — Tips to Create Highly Engaging Content for Your Website 

Lindsey Miller, the Founder of Content Journey, discussed content marketing in this webinar. Content marketing lives and breathes the triangle of attracting, engaging and delighting your audience. In this session you’ll learn: Tips to create engaging content that you can replicate for your own audience.  Examples of how to walk through creating your own engaging …

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The Content Journey team of writers

Becoming a More Strategic Writer

You know you need to be writing. You feel guilty that you aren’t putting words on the screen. But you do some research, check social media, organize your schedule, then clean your office. Ah… it’s time for lunch. You call it “writer’s block,” but it’s really just you procrastinating.  Writers regularly ask our Content Journey …

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Webinar Write Like a Pro with Dr. Kenna Griffin

Webinar: Write like a Pro — Tips from Veteran Journalist Dr. Kenna Griffin

Watch the replay of this free webinar sponsored by Content Journey and Digital Marketing Kitchen, as we learn from Dr. Kenna Griffin. About the Event Writing is one of the few things that you can simultaneously love and hate. It feels good to have written, but it can be dang difficult to get those words …

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Kenna Griffin preparing to write content for Content Journey

Gathering Resources to Set Up Your Writers for Success

Content marketing relies heavily on excellent writers to produce stellar content. With that comes the challenge of providing them with the necessary resources to get the pen to the paper. The writing resources we provide for our writers dictate the quality and credibility of the information we write for our clients and share with the …

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Person holding a pile of books next to a pot plant

The 6 Best Writing Books You’ll Ever Read

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.” Stephen King Stephen King wrote these famous words in his book on writing, aptly titled “On Writing.” We couldn’t agree …

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How to Write a “How To” Article

My mentor says, “The thing about a research question is that it’s a question.” It sounds like pretty obvious advice until you have a room full of grad students posing hypotheses as research questions.  I think about this advice when I edit “how to” pieces. Because the thing about a “how to” article is that …

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