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Why Hire a Content Writer? Top 5 Reasons

It’s tempting not to pay someone to do something you think you can do yourself. Perhaps you understand the benefits of content marketing for your business, but you’re a relatively strong writer, so you struggle with the idea of outsourcing it. After all, why hire a content writer when you could spend that money on …

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Crafting Email Subject Lines That Get Attention

The shorter a piece of writing, the more difficult it is to write. This is because it’s so challenging to be concise and carefully choose every word in a limited space than it is to drone on. Blaise Pascal, a mathematician, once famously wrote: I have made this longer than usual because I have not …

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Powerful Branding Words that Make Your Content Pop

You likely don’t notice when a company uses powerful branding words in its content. That’s the point. You don’t notice that they’re doing it, but you keep reading the content, and it gives you some kind of feeling. Powerful branding words make people consume your content and relate to your brand. They establish a connection …

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Why Your Roofing Company Needs Content Marketing

Roof replacement or repair is stressful for homeowners. It’s a noisy and expensive but necessary construction project that every home requires. Most homeowners don’t have a regular roofing company they use. They don’t need one until they do. Roofing companies know that homeowners want a company they can trust to replace the roof over their …

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Content Reserves: Saving Posts for a Rainy Day

You will need to write some days, and the words just won’t come. On other days you plan to write and won’t have time. And then there will be days when you totally forget that you need to write. Unfortunately, you still need content to keep up your regular publishing cadence and connect with your …

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Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

Do you want to grow your business? Most business owners do! Which is why I want you to understand how you can grow your business with content marketing.  Content marketing is a $300 billion market, with 90% of organizations using content marketing. Those who use this approach get three times the leads from content than …

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Writing Evergreen Content

SEO content works for you weeks, months, even years after you post it. It’s meant to be that way, but you still need to refresh your content occasionally to keep it relevant. But another content type lives on without needing much or any attention — evergreen content. This post explains writing evergreen content and why …

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