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Your Guide to Google Business Profile for Mental Health Marketing

Google is a powerful tool. So much so that it’s taken on “verb” status. 

“What’s that restaurant we love downtown?” 

“Don’t worry. I’ll ‘Google’ it.” 

Google has become the way for people to find out all about places and things, which is why your mental health treatment center should use it for marketing. With Google Business Profile, you can attract people to your treatment center by simplifying the path to learning more about what you offer and what people think about it. 

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a free tool to manage how your business appears across Google products like Search and Google Maps. You can promote your business, share updates, and connect with customers in this virtual space. It’s a crucial tool, especially considering 97% of users primarily learn about local companies online.

In a fast-paced world, people want information quickly at their disposal. You have an average of about 15 seconds that people are willing to spend on your web page. They’ll move on if they haven’t found a way to contact you in that time frame. With Google Business Profile, you can ensure your contact information, address, and website are in their grasp the instant they hit “search.” 

How to Create a Google Business Profile

Setting up Google Business Profile is simple. To start, you’ll need a Google Account. 

Steps for Google Business Profile include:

  • Sign into Google Business Profile
  • Create a profile
  • Enter your business information
  • Choose the relevant categories
  • List your storefront status
  • Enter your business service area
  • List contact info and website
  • Verify your business

Your completed GBP will look like ours.

And it will show on the side of the search results page when people Google your business name.

How to Optimize Google Business Profile

Now that you’ve created your profile, it’s time to optimize it. This task means determining the formula for success. But it’s easier than you think. Optimizing your Google Business Profile comes down to some key points to reach the most potential clients. 

  • Choosing the Right Keywords for Mental Health Marketing. With Google’s Keyword Planner, you can find the most relevant words to include in your Google Business Profile. The tool forecasts the likely amount of conversions, clicks, or impressions for each keyword. For mental health marketing, you might include keywords like “addiction treatment near me” or “grief counseling.” Keyword Planner also provides insight into specific geographic areas, so you can match keywords to your demographic.
  • Crafting a Compelling Business Description. The business description is your elevator pitch to any potential customer perusing your profile. Make it count! A clear and concise description of your treatment values and services goes a long way. Include the geographic areas you serve so people know where to find you. 
  • Adding Accurate Contact Information. It seems obvious, but it’s a crucial element of optimization. You can’t generate leads if people can’t contact you. One mistyped number on your address, and you might as well be the lost city of Atlantis. Confirm every detail of your business, address, and phone number, and ensure it’s consistent across all platforms. With the right information, Google Business Profile works for you, not against you.
  • Uploading High-Quality Images and Videos. The visuals on GBP are your chance to put your best foot forward. If you don’t upload images yourself, your profile will default to photos from customer reviews which may not be the best quality. HD images and videos will establish credibility for your business and showcase it in the best light.
  • Use Business Attributes for Mental Health Professionals. Business Attributes are descriptive words about your business. On Google Business Profile, you can include your business attributes to highlight specific services, amenities, or other qualities about your business. For mental health professionals, business attributes like “Accepting new clients” or “LGBTQ+ friendly” can be helpful.

Enhancing Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your business more accessible online to your local community. Google takes your location into account when finding relevant results for your search. If your primary clientele resides geographically close to you, you should use local SEO. 

So, how do you use it? There are a few methods to use to make your marketing efforts as effective as possible.

Acquiring Reviews and Ratings 

Google Business Profile collects customer reviews, and you want them to add social proof for your business. Responding to reviews also helps your brand image and SEO ranking. 

Use reviews to your advantage by: 

  • Encouraging Them. Ask clients with positive outcomes who praise your treatment center to leave reviews. These positive reviews are invaluable, so don’t take them for granted and get them every time you can. 
  • Responding to Reviews and Feedback. A positive review deserves a thank you to show appreciation. Feedback is also helpful. Any chance to interact with your clients is an opportunity to build relationships and enhance your SEO. Drop in some relevant keywords in your response to rank higher for that word. 
  • Handling Negative Reviews Professionally. Poor reviews are usually inevitable, but it’s your responsibility to handle them with professionalism and grace. Taking accountability or de-escalating an issue helps your relationship with that client, your reputation, and your brand. The more interactions you have on your Google Business Profile, the better. 

Leveraging Content

You can post announcements, promotions, or special events through your Google Business Profile. You also can and should share blog content there. It’s a quick, easy, and free way to interact with your customers and increase engagement. 

Use short and sweet, call-to-action titles, high-quality photos, and videos, and incorporate relevant keywords to maximize your post’s effectiveness. 

Use this feature often. The more your post, the more traffic your Google Business Profile will likely get and the more updated it will be. The general consensus is that you should post on GBP at least once a week, but there’s nothing wrong with posting five days a week.

Here’s what your content looks like on GBP.

Using Google Business Profile Insights and Analytics

Once you’ve established your profile, it’s time to see what’s working for your mental health treatment center. Analyzing your profile insights and analytics is how you uncover your customers’ habits and what they want and need from you. It’s an opportunity to listen to your audience and respond. Insights provide real data on which you can base your marketing decisions. 

When reviewing Google Business Profile insights, consider:

  • Overview of Available Performance Metrics. This data measures your business’s behavior, activities, and performance. It helps you understand areas you can improve and where you excel. 
  • Interpreting Data and Identifying Patterns. Spotting trends helps you understand what your customers are going to do most of the time. This data informs if you should adjust your marketing plan.
  • Monitoring User Engagement and Conversion Metrics. How effective are you at converting your audience into paying customers? If you have low user engagement, think about other methods to increase engagement, like having a stronger social media presence. 

You can use the information you gather from GBP to identify when most people look at your account, learn what potential clients do next, and adapt your marketing strategies based on those insights.

Guiding Clients to Your Treatment Center

Search engines can be your best friend when it comes to promoting your mental health treatment center. You just have to learn how to harness the power of search. Whether you’re just starting out with your Google Business Profile or need assistance with SEO content writing services, Content Journey is here to help. Schedule a call today to start your journey.

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