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5 Reasons to Make Content Journey Your Wellness Marketing Agency

Not all marketing agencies are the same. There are a lot of excellent ones out there. Sadly, there are some not-so-excellent ones too. Of the good ones, many choose to specialize in specific areas. Content Journey’s niche is mental health marketing. We believe in the importance of mental health marketing in helping connect people who need support with the experts who can provide it. Our focus on excellence in mental health marketing is one reason you should make Content Journey your wellness marketing agency. This post explores five other reasons.

1. Marketing Know-How

You want a marketing agency that knows its stuff. That’s a necessity. Content Journey specializes in all things content marketing. We can help you share valuable content in different forms and through diverse channels that will help your audience. Our goal is to answer their questions or solve their problems. To do this, we’ll use tools like product or service pages, blog posts, newsletters, and lead magnets

SEO is the greatest tool in our toolbox. We use SEO content marketing best practices to guide people who search online for answers to their questions to your website. That means you’re poised for the about 500 people who search for the term “mental health” every day to find information on your site that helps them.

2. Mental Health Expertise

There are few people who can say that the top of mental health doesn’t touch their life in some way. Nearly everyone has a mental illness themselves or knows people who do. More than 50 million Americans have mental illness. At Content Journey, mental health is our focus every day, and we have the expertise to provide real knowledge in this area. 

I have a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, so partnering with Content Journey means you have a clinician who understands the nuances of wellness guiding your strategy. 

Our content director, Kenna Griffin, has a Ph.D. in journalism with a research emphasis in trauma, psychology, and organizational behavior. That means every piece of content you receive from us is edited and reviewed by a mental health expert. 

We have mental health counselors who write for us, and we can even provide the extra service of having them review any piece of content to triple check it for accuracy. 

We understand that the stakes are high when it comes to providing mental health information, and we want to make sure it’s done right.

Our Mental Health Clients

You won’t be the first to choose Content Journey as your wellness marketing agency. We represent various mental health and addiction treatment centers. Through our work with those centers, we’ve been able to:

  • Revamp service page content to focus on more accepting and inclusive language and leading people directly to the help they need and deserve
  • Steadily increase website traffic, providing helpful information to people in need.
  • Support the clinics in having increasing or full enrollment in all of their programs.

Want to hear from one of these clients? Here’s a video testimonial from Tara Young of Integrative Life Network, which represents multiple recovery and addiction centers in the United States.

Content Journey believes in unselfish marketing. We want to help anyone with a mental health concern access services to help them feel well again. Therefore, we work with various treatment centers that we know do good work. We hone in on their unique offers and the people seeking their services. Then we use our skills and resources to help them stand out and connect with those seeking help right when they need it.

3. Audience Understanding

Unfortunately, we haven’t worked past the stigma still associated with mental illness. Mental illness and the symptoms accompanying various illnesses are sensitive issues that people often want to keep private. That leads to them turning online when they need help.

People are likely to Google their symptoms or questions about what they think they may be experiencing. They need to be able to find reliable information that tells them what to do next.

Content Journey recognizes that many people who seek information about mental illness are vulnerable. Some of them are even desperate. Understanding their thoughts as best we can and helping give them the guidance they need is critical.

4. Tone Awareness

When someone is looking for mental health assistance, the last thing you want is for your website’s content to make them feel guilty, further stigmatized, and shamed. Imagine clicking on what you thought would be a helpful article about substance use only to see the word “addict” used repeatedly and have a large photo displayed of sickly-looking people in a dark room snorting a white substance. That doesn’t make anyone feel better or open to help.

Avoiding these types of alienating issues is where Content Journey thrives. We understand mental health issues, including addiction. We’re legitimate experts. So, we’ll never put anything on your site that’s potentially harmful. Instead, we’ll use inclusive, thoughtful language and carefully-chosen images to represent challenges and possibilities. At the same time, we’ll make sure not to sugarcoat the process it takes to get well or live in recovery. 

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5. Our Values

At Content Journey, we want the mental health content we produce to empower people to seek out and live their best, most authentic lives. Why? Because we care about people. And using any skills we have to help people in need is at the core of who we are and what we believe. 

At Content Journey, our core values are:

  • Care. We care about ourselves, our families, each other, our clients as individual people, and our clients’ success.
  • Kindness. We are kind to each other and treat our clients the way we want to be treated.
  • Intentional Honesty. Sometimes we have to deliver bad news. Maybe your website isn’t set up for success, or you’re just not a good fit for Content Journey’s services. Not every client is a perfect fit for us, and vice versa. We are intentionally honest with all of our clients and prospective clients, regardless of what we have to communicate. We communicate with kindness and always try to guide the next steps, even if those steps aren’t with us. We take this approach because we truly care about people and their success.

We live these values inside and outside of our business. And they’re a huge part of why we’re expertly positioned to become your wellness marketing agency. We care about people and want to help you in your journey toward a well world.

Partner with Content Journey

I hope this post helps you understand why Content Journey is uniquely positioned to provide excellence as your wellness marketing agency. If you’d like to talk about how we can partner, book a call. I’m always here to help.

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