What the Content Journey Team Wants for Christmas

I love giving gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy receiving thoughtful gifts too. But delighting others is a key part of my personality. I get so much pleasure from choosing just the right thing and watching the person’s joy when they open it. I even teared up watching my team open the gifts I gave them for Christmas. It’s thrilling to give back to people who work so hard for our business.

And, honestly, I think I nailed their Christmas gifts. But I also recognize that it’s not always easy to find just the right thing for the content marketer in your life. We are a bit… different, after all. So, I thought it might be helpful for you last-minute shoppers to know what’s on our team’s list this year.

gift boxes
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As much as I love giving gifts, I adore experiences. Our family leans into experiences as gifts. My partner, our two children, and I recently went to New York City. The trip was most of our Christmas gift, including a ticket to see “Dear Evan Hansen,” which was on my bucket list.

Our chief director of operations, Emilee, agreed with the experiences. She is ready for some rest and relaxation. She asked for Airbnb gift cards. There are some getaways in her near future!

Speaking of experiences, our Oklahoma City team had our holiday party earlier this month. It was the first time we got together with our local writers. We had drinks, food, and fun! We played a game to get to know each other better. We wish our entire team could have been there, but that’s one of the negative things about having a truly global company. Maybe someday we’ll all get to meet in person.


I also asked for some new wall frames to display our family photos. We recently had new family photos taken. They are so fabulous. I can’t wait to display them and enjoy them every day. Our children are growing quickly, and I want to remember every moment.


I probably made up a word for that heading, but I have our content director’s permission, so I’m going with it. Speaking of Kenna, she’s pretty easy to please with gifts. She always wants the same nerdy things — books, pens, and journals. You’ve never seen someone get so excited about Sharpies. She said: 

“Do I need pens? No, I have hundreds. Do I already have a stack of unread books and another of unused journals? Yes! Do I care? Not one bit! These things make me happy.”


If you know our director of client success, Taylor, then you know she loves to write things down and organize. She wants a nice planner for Christmas. She said: 

“I’m not talking about one of those electronic things, but one where I can write and plan and make checklists, etc. Being organized is where I thrive.”

And, much like Kenna, Taylor admitted that getting a new planner will allow for her “other love,” playing with markers and pens.


Remote work can result in a lot of sitting at a desk. I like to take walks when I get a chance, even if they’re just around the building. Emilee is thinking along those same lines. She asked for some new tennis shoes to get active while working remotely. I can’t wait for all of the fantastic ideas we have while we’re away from our desks and moving our bodies.

Merry Christmas from Us!

No matter what holidays you celebrate during this festive season, the Content Journey team hopes you have a safe, relaxing, and happy time. We’re looking forward to time with our family and friends, and hopefully, we’ll find some of the things we wish for under the tree. 

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