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What the Content Journey Team Wants for Christmas

I love giving gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy receiving thoughtful gifts too. But delighting others is a key part of my personality. I get so much pleasure from choosing just the right thing and watching the person’s joy when they open it. 

I also recognize that it’s not always easy to find just the right thing for the content marketer in your life. We are a bit… different, after all. While I’ll hope you’re not out in the cold finishing your holiday shopping, my guess is that some of you are still a gift or two behind. So, I thought it might be helpful for you last-minute shoppers to know what’s on our team’s list this year.


As much as I love giving gifts, I adore experiences. Our family leans into experiences as gifts. Sadly, we couldn’t convince our children to take a trip for their Christmas gifts this year. So, we told them that Mommy and Daddy were taking a trip as our gift without them. 

Cory Miller and I just spent a week in Costa Rica with friends. It was exactly the time off we needed. We snorkeled, swam, relaxed in the sun, and just had a fantastic time. 

And, wouldn’t you know it, our kids decided right before we left that they would have liked a trip for Christmas too! So, next year, a family trip is on the calendar.

Emilee Little, our chief director of operations, agrees with experiences as gifts. She loves hiking and nature, so she asked for a cabin retreat at Osage Forest of Peace. She’s also planning a pottery or jewelry-making class with an art class gift from a friend. And for relaxation and peace, Emilee asked for a set of crystal singing bowls to learn more about sound healing and some books.


I probably made up a word for that heading, but I have our content director’s permission, so I’m going with it. Speaking of Kenna Griffin, she’s pretty easy to please with gifts. She always wants the same nerdy things — books, pens, and journals. You’ve never seen someone get so excited about Sharpies. She said: 

“Do I need pens? No, I have hundreds. Do I already have a stack of unread books and another of unused journals? Yes! Do I care? Not one bit! These things make me happy.”

Speaking of nerdy fun… Sarah Hopkins, our marketing coordinator, didn’t really ask for anything for Christmas, but she thinks these reMarkable paper tablets for notetaking look pretty cool. She’s not wrong.


Shoes are one thing Kenna loves just about as much as books and pens. She says it’s ironic, given that our team works remotely, so she spends most of her days in athletic shoes or flip-flops. But she has several pairs of shoes on her Christmas list. And since she loves to give her husband, Jeff, a challenge during the holidays, one pair seems to be sold out everywhere. Nike Court Legacy Lift, anyone?

Merry Christmas from Us!

The Content Journey team hopes you have a safe, relaxing, and happy time no matter what holidays you celebrate during this festive season. We’re looking forward to time with our loved ones and lots of laughs.

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