Director of Client Success: Camber Clemence

Hi, I’m Camber!

I recently joined Content Journey as the Director of Client Success. I am ecstatic to join Lindsey on this venture and be a part of this team.

I am a mama of two girls, an un-apologetic Swiftie, and an ice-cream aficionado.

Like millions across the US, I was laid off amid the pandemic. Before joining Lindsey at Content Journey, I worked in retail management and journalism. I also volunteer with Vote Save America and the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. 

How I Ended Up at Content Journey.

After I was let go, I knew I wanted to use my time at home to transition out of brick and mortar retail into a client-interfacing role that would allow me to utilize the skills I have learned as a leader, a writer, and a grassroots volunteer. 

I believe that authenticity and empathy should permeate everything you do and that transparency is the foundation upon which relationships are built.

After months of searching, I was introduced to Cory Miller. Cory then introduced me to his wife Lindsey, who you may know as the Lead Guide here at Content Journey. After discussing the role, Lindsey invited me to be a part of her team as the Director of Client Success. I happily accepted and am so excited to be able to launch Content Journey alongside her.

Some may wonder how experience in retail leadership qualifies me for this role. I get it! If you’ve never worked in retail leadership, it can be hard to understand the many hats that leaders wear. I believe strongly in customer experience and success. I am adept in project management, customer experience and engagement, employee development, problem-solving, decision making, and business acumen. Beyond those skills, I am naturally a strategic thinker, a fact finder, and an excellent communicator. 

As a journalist, I excelled in capturing brand voice. Brand voice is the distinct personality of your business and it separates you from the crowd. What traits does your brand have? How does your brand speak? More importantly, that brand voice should be employed consistently across all communication platforms, both internally and externally. How you present yourself and your business to your consumers is paramount to building trust and relationships.

I believe that curiosity is the engine of achievement and I am so excited to see where we can go together.

At Content Journey, we work to define, develop, and distribute strategic and consistent content that is on-brand, relevant, and timely to your business. As the Director of Client Experience, it is my job specifically to ensure that every step leading up to the delivery of your content is executed with these markers in mind.

Together We Can Do Great Things

I would be remiss to not acknowledge all of the people who helped me on my path to joining Content Journey. I would specifically like to thank Andrew Norcross. Andrew has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since the day we met. He has watched me struggle to maintain work/life balance while working retail, listened to me wax poetically about company culture, and read countless resumes and cover letters. Without Andrew in my corner, it’s unlikely I would have met Cory or Lindsey and I wouldn’t be embarking on this amazing adventure with Content Journey.

Of course, to Cory and Lindsey: Thank you for seeing in me what others wouldn’t bother looking for. Lindsey, I am so excited to do big things with you. Congratulations on your launch!

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I am so excited and grateful to be here. I can’t wait to do big things together.

– Camber

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