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Why Your Roofing Company Needs Content Marketing

Roof replacement or repair is stressful for homeowners. It’s a noisy and expensive but necessary construction project that every home requires. Most homeowners don’t have a regular roofing company they use. They don’t need one until they do. Roofing companies know that homeowners want a company they can trust to replace the roof over their heads. Content marketing is your best friend in educating your customers and gaining their trust. Yes, your roofing company needs content marketing.

How Can Content Marketing Help Your Roofing Business?

Homeowners replace their roofs after so many years. They also have to hire a roofing company to do repairs for things like fallen trees and storm damage. A consistent online presence will encourage your audience to choose your company when they have a roofing need. 

Reasons content marketing helps your roofing business include: 

  • Helps People Find You. Roofs are an expensive item, so homeowners want to make sure they hire someone who does good work. They’re likely to look to Google and referrals to explore options. The more relevant content you publish, the easier it is for potential customers to find you during their search.
  • Share Your Expertise. Establish your expertise by educating your audience and clearly outlining the benefits of your roofing services. Education leads to understanding which leads to trust. When customers trust you, they use your services and recommend you. Clear communication is also key in sharing and expressing your expertise.
  • Builds Trust. Consistent content marketing allows you to establish a trusted brand voice, improving brand reputation. A positive reputation is arguably more important than the cost of your services. Your audience trusts you when they see that you deliver quality work promptly.
  • Helps You Remain Competitive. Your reputation is what allows you to compete in your industry. When it’s positive and trustworthy, your clientele will grow. Homeowners are likely to choose a company they can rely on rather than one with the cheapest prices when it comes to something as important as their roof.
  • Improves Conversions. Quality content helps you rank higher in search results and increases conversions. People will go from awareness of your brand to hiring your company much quicker.
Roofer tearing the roof apart before installing a brand new roof
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Types of Content

Now that you understand why you need content marketing, what does it look like? What type of content marketing is out there? How do you decide which types to use?

Content to consider for your roofing company includes:

  • Blog Posts. These are where you can thoroughly teach clients about your services and why they need them. Post about things that can damage a roof, DIY roofing projects, best roofing types for different situations, or advances in roofing technology to name some ideas.
  • Product Pages. Break down your services menu with specific product pages. These pages are where you provide specs, prices, and full descriptions, so buyers know what to expect. The better and more complete your website, the more likely you will get leads.
  • Photos and Videos. Visuals are vital in showing off your work. People feel more confident choosing your business when they can see your work. Like with any service provider, visual aids seal the deal.
  • Social Media. Social media pages open an extra door of communication with your clients. They’re also a place to share relevant content and promotions. Social media posts can also be shared quickly and easily, thus circulating more business awareness.
  • Email. Email marketing is a personal link between your business and each individual customer. Email keeps you top of mind when your customers or people in their network need roofing help.
  • Testimonial and Reviews. People want to use businesses they know others had success with. Allowing your customers to provide honest feedback on your business is a quick way to attract more customers. Reviews take away some of the fear of uncertainty clients experience.

What Content Do Your Customers Want?

Your customers likely want information that seems obvious to you. The reality is that the average person doesn’t know much about roofs or how to care for them. Provide them valuable information in everything you publish to keep them coming back. Consider content like basic roof care, inspection information, how to find contractors, and solutions to common problems.

In Over Your Head

We know your responsibilities as a business owner are through the roof! Adding the extra layer of content marketing might seem like too much work. That’s why Content Journey is here to help. We work with you to seamlessly construct a content marketing strategy that helps attract attention and grow your business. Contact us to learn more about how we can partner.

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