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Powerful Branding Words that Make Your Content Pop

You likely don’t notice when a company uses powerful branding words in its content. That’s the point. You don’t notice that they’re doing it, but you keep reading the content, and it gives you some kind of feeling. Powerful branding words make people consume your content and relate to your brand. They establish a connection between you and the audience, which is exactly what you want. 

How do you know if you’re using powerful branding words? This post explains more.

What Are Powerful Branding Words in Content?

The use of power words can take your brand to the next level. Power words incite a psychological or emotional response from your audience. Think words like soft, fuzzy, simple, boost, and ignite. These words are most effective when used in the right place at the right time, depending on your goals. Be deliberate about the words you choose when speaking to your customers. You wouldn’t use the same power word to elicit urgency as to incite emotion. You can boost SEO and build trust between you and your audience using powerful words.

Words to Avoid in Your Content

There are words you should use in your content, but there are also words you should avoid. We’ve compiled a list of categories of words you should steer clear of.

Avoid these types of words in your content marketing:

  • Generic and Overused Words. Words you read all the time that mean little anymore like viral, innovative, amazing, seamless, granular, and customer-oriented, to name some.
  • Cringeworthy Words. Think words that went out of style like on fleek, turnt, Gucci, and LOL.
  • Words Nobody Will Believe. Don’t over-promise. Think words like groundbreaking, once in a lifetime, always, and other hyperbolic promise words.
  • Words That Could Get You in Trouble. Guaranteed, money back, miracle, and other exaggerated claims fall in this category.
  • Words That Sound Salesy. Synergy, hidden gem, quota, promise, cutting edge, circle back, and other cliche sales words need to go.
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Powerful Branding Words that Make Your Content Pop

Your words have the power to motivate and inspire your audience. Use active, engaging language that piques interest and elevates your brand’s reputation. 

Words to use in your brand’s content marketing include:

  • Helpful Words. How-to, tips, timesaving, and hassle-free are some contenders in this category.
  • Trust-Based Words. These are words meant to put your audience at ease. For example, safe, effective, verified, results, thank you, and authentic.
  • Incentive-Related Words. These words make your audience feel like they’ll miss out if they don’t work with your brand. For example, complimentary, new, best sellers, free, and bargain.
  • Words That Make Your Customer Feel Safe. Eliminate risk with words like authentic, secure, privacy, tested, proven, and certified. Be certain only to use these words if they accurately describe the situation.
  • Words That Motivate and Inspire. This approach includes addressing the audience as “you” and using words like results and imagine.

Why Branding is Critical in Your Content

Content marketing is everywhere, which means yours will go unnoticed without implementing your brand personality and voice. Branding provides clarity for you as a business owner, your staff, and your customers. Clarity equates to consistency and develops trust.

Benefits of strong branding:

  • Inspires Your Team. Team members need to have a purpose for their work. They take pride in their work when they understand your business’s mission beyond day-to-day tasks. Motivated team members are the heartbeat of your business. 
  • Promotes Recognition. Recognition includes everything from your brand’s logo to the colors you use in your content. Think of the large yellow “M” sign that represents McDonald’s. When you see those golden arches, thoughts of play places, fries, and a dollar menu ensue. Branding is how customers identify your company and what they hang associations on.
  • Creates Trust and Develops Relationships. Consistent branding across your company makes it recognizable. Everything from your website design to the team member uniform should emulate your brand. This kind of stability encourages customers to trust that you pay attention to details.
  • Attracts New Customers. Your branding says something about your company’s character even before someone decides to support you. This kind of recognition also makes word-of-mouth advertisement easy for your customers.
  • Builds Financial Value. Powerful branding ensures future business and prolonged support. It opens the door for any expansions you may want to make down the road. Financial gain happens when you commit to boosting your brand. Going back to previously used content and revamping the language can amplify formerly “average” content and even reach new audience members.

Use Your Power

Sometimes the key to improving your brand is to ask for help. Contact Content Journey to boost your branded content while you tend to your business. Writing may not be your area of expertise, but it’s ours. We know what industry-specific, powerful words your business needs to use to gain recognition. We’ll work with you to consistently make your content pop.

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