Content Mapping: What It is and Why You Should Use It

Posting last-minute content that’s sorta on a schedule and hoping for the best is not a strategic way to use content marketing to grow your business. It’s also not a sustainable way for a business owner to approach content distribution. You need content mapping to best serve your audience with content on a schedule that …

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How Content Marketing Supports the Customer Journey

The buyer’s journey can be messy. We tend to hesitate even when we find a product online that we’re interested in. When we aren’t in the store to see and touch the product, we try to learn everything we can to make sure both the business and product are top-notch. “Could’ve-been” sales are disappointing for …

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‘Tis the Season for Planning Your Holiday Content Strategy

Spooky season may be over, but turkey season, Santa season, and resolution season are upon us! Friends, it’s time to start planning your holiday content strategy and promotions through the first of 2023. The holidays bring cheer, yummy treats, and consumer mayhem. We’re not just talking about the consumption of turkey and sugar cookies, we’re …

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Trick or Treat: Which Are You Getting From Your Marketing Agency?

Trick or Treat! But no feet smelling here. Instead, we’ll teach you how to sniff out a quality content marketing agency from a Shadency. That’s right. Some marketing agencies are shady, and they don’t actually want to help your business. They want your bucket of Halloween candy. Wait! No. They just want your money. And …

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Planning a Content Creation Strategy

Business guru Warren Buffett summed up content marketing best when he said, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Buffett was talking about the benefits of long-term investing, but his sentiment is on par with content creation strategy as well.  An investment in a content marketing strategy …

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Launching a Content Marketing Strategy in 2023? Start Now!

Ring, ring! 2023 called. They said you need to start preparing your upcoming content strategy today!  Whether you’ve accepted it or not, 2022 is coming to an end. We’re in the last quarter of the calendar year, so it’s time to plan! You should consider launching a content marketing strategy if you want to boost …

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Using Feedback to Improve Your Business

Whether it’s online reviews or responses you gather through research, you can learn a ton about your business and how well it’s working for clients through feedback. You just have to be willing to accept the feedback and consider what clients tell you. Negative or positive, using feedback to improve your business is essential.  How …

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Gated Content: What It Is and Why You Should Consider It

If you’ve ever visited a friend or family member that lives in a gated community, you already understand gated content. Here’s why. To gain access into a gated community, you need information, AKA: the gate code.  Gated content requires your audience to provide some information (usually an email address) before you share your valuable content …

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Using Content Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness

What if we said you could increase website traffic and boost sales for your business just by incorporating one valuable technique into your business plans? Would you be all ears? Well, listen up because we’ve got the not-so-secret sauce! We’re talking about content marketing! Businesses can use content marketing to increase brand awareness and help …

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