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Why Liquor Stores Need Content Marketing

We know what you’re thinking…“Why would a liquor store need marketing? Everyone knows where to buy booze!” Not just any kind of marketing, friend. Content marketing. Content marketing garners success for businesses by increasing audience engagement, sales, and overall support. Liquor stores need content marketing to establish themselves and their stores as the experts in their community! Producing consistent, high-quality content is the key to positive results for your business.

Many liquor stores and wine shops host events. Wine tastings, pairing classes, and even hosting parties for others. Content marketing is a great way to let your community know about these events. Your website should be a hub for information on using your products, event details, and potential ticket sales.

Imagine what harnessing the power of organic search and a Google Business Profile could do for your company. It could go like this. Someone in your area googles a question about a specific Scotch. Your website comes up with a helpful article and a link is featured where they can purchase and then pickup the product. Repeat that hundreds of times in a week. This scenario is your future with content marketing. 

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of relevant industry information that helps you connect to your target audience online. Content marketing isn’t advertising products or services. It’s content that provides helpful information and tips to your audience in an engaging way. In other words, it doesn’t advertise to people. It gives them information they actively seek.

Content marketing takes many forms. It can be blog posts, lead magnets, videos, podcasts, or social media. It’s cost-effective. It increases traffic to your website. And it ultimately increases revenue. It makes casual visitors to your store into loyal fans who recommend your products and services to others.

Why Liquor Stores Need Content Marketing

All businesses can benefit from quality content marketing. Content marketing is the driving force for business development, from large to small businesses. Content Journey has some tips on why liquor stores and wine shops specifically benefit from content marketing.

Building Brand Awareness

Many people assume that all liquor stores are the same. But you know your store is different. Original content marketing highlights your store’s unique differences to your audience. Your brand stands out because you do certain things well and offer a unique perspective. Your content is a display of both of these things. People become aware of your brand and associate it with your unique offerings.

Other Businesses Use It

You don’t want to be the only liquor store in your area that isn’t providing helpful information to their audience. You want people to find your store when they google or to seek it out as a source of information. Building a relationship with your customers makes your store a destination point, not just a place they stop by because it’s near their house.

Becoming the Authority

You have the opportunity to set the standard in your industry with effective and timely content marketing. When someone near you searches for a “wine pairing with red curry,” your store’s site could pop up rather than some national food and wine magazine. With top-quality content and a Google My Business page, your liquor store could become the authority on all things spirit-related in your community. Your audience will trust you and refer to your content when they need answers to their questions.

Increasing Curbside

Curbside pickups were a necessity during the beginning of the pandemic. This need doesn’t seem to be dissipating. Now curbside is another avenue for revenue. No one wants to get stuck at home without their wine! Content marketing helps you become an authority on what your community needs from quarantining to specialty cocktails. They can order everything on your site, then pick it up at your store. Authority and convenience will win customer loyalty. And they’ll tell their friends about your store.

You want your business to be accessible via Google, considering that 74% of all searches in 2021 happened there. Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day. Some of those searches can be for your business if you claim your Google My Business location. 

With GMB, you can: 

  • Control, index, and display important information about your business on Google’s search page
  • Interact with potential customers and manage online reviews 
  • Get notified when reviews come in
  • Curate customer photos, videos, and other user-generated content
  • Gather insights on how your customers arrive on your site 
  • Post specials and sales

By claiming your GMB, you add quality links that lead customers back to your site.

Your Audience Will Stick Around Longer

Your content needs to create a positive, engaging experience for your audience. This kind of pleasant experience makes your audience want to come back for more. Content grabs their attention initially, encourages them to buy from you, and subsequently convinces them to return and support you long-term. Content marketing helps keep the business/customer relationship positive and mutually beneficial.

The Future of Your Store

When you’re ready to take your liquor store or wine shop to the next level, consider implementing content marketing. Your audience will appreciate you answering their alcohol-related questions in a professional, unique way. Your business will get noticed, and your customer base will grow. At Content Journey, we can help you build your content strategy to reach more customers while maintaining the integrity of your brand. Set up a call today to learn more.  

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