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First Blog Post Ideas

If you’re starting a blog or bringing one back to life, congrats! Getting started is the hardest part, so it’s best to prepare for your writing process before you even sit down at your computer. Companies with blogs generate an average of 67% more leads than those without. We know your jaw is probably on the floor right now! But this stat reiterates that you’re making the right decision. We’re here to help you with first blog post ideas.

Before You Post

It’s beneficial to launch a blog with several posts, not just one. But we’re specifically talking about that pesky first post that’s giving you fits. Most people write their first blog post around the “I’m so and so, and this is why I’m starting a blog” idea. But what are they doing to pull readers in and convince them to return? That’s what sets a good blog post apart from any old writing. 

We know you’re probably feeling anxious about writing your first post. You’re probably asking, “Will it be long enough?” “Do I have enough good ideas?” “Is anyone going to read this?” Do these questions make it seem like we’re in your brain? It’s because your nerves are normal! The way to alleviate them is to have a plan. 

Ways to prep for your first blog post include:

  • Know Your Audience. You need to know who you’re writing for and what they need before you start writing. Base your content on these things. Focus on your audience, not you, your products, or your business.
  • Do Your Research. Understand your audience’s pain points and how your products or services solve them. Know how they prefer to receive information. Do they want text, graphics, videos? Reach them with the information they need in the format they desire.
  • Create a Plan. Content is not one and done. Yes, you have to start somewhere, but your posts will build on each other and tell the story of how your brand addresses your customers’ needs. Don’t just think about that first post. Create a content schedule to plan for how often you’ll write and what you’ll write about in the immediate future.
  • Find Some Inspo. You’re not the first person out there to start a blog. Find some blogs you like and use them as inspiration. Check out their first posts. Model your content after what you like and what would speak to your audience.

Once you’ve prepared these items, you can start on your first post’s introduction.

The Standard Intro

For your first post, a standard introduction is necessary. You don’t just walk up to strangers and tell them your life story without at least stating your name. Don’t do that to your blog’s readers either. 

The first post is a glimpse into your tone, voice, personality, and what the blog will entail. It gives your audience an idea of what to expect in the future. 

But intros don’t have to be boring. Add some flair! Show personality! These aspects make a standard intro less “standard.” 

Your intro should feature information about you, your company’s mission, and what to expect on the blog. This content is the baseline of what you should include. If you want to dive deeper into your first blog post, create an emotional appeal, make it memorable, and provide a Call-to-Action. Be sure you’re genuine, helpful, and attentive when writing.

Unique First Blog Post Ideas 

Yes, you need to introduce yourself in your first blog post, but you should do it in a way that makes readers want to continue the relationship. Think about it. You’ve been introduced to someone before and immediately knew you wanted to know them better. They captured your attention. That’s your goal here too. We’ve compiled a list of unique first blog post ideas for you.

First post ideas include:

  • Pain Points. What problem does your customer have? What solution do you offer? Level with them about how your company can eliminate their pain points. People want to know how you can help them.
  • List It. Who doesn’t love a good list? Seriously! Make your readers a list with numbered items and everything. A list of new things coming for your business, a list detailing how you can help them, or a list of this year’s successes. Whatever you choose, a list is impactful. 
  • Interview Someone. Collaborate with an influencer or customer to conduct an interview. Including reviews or opinions from other people is a great way to expand the perspectives featured on your blog. It reinforces expertise and gives readers more context about your business and what it offers.
  • Make It Interactive. Quizzes, surveys, and videos are methods of interactive content that quickly pull readers in. Video is especially beneficial for a first blog post because it lets viewers see you and your business and relate to you more.
  • Tie In Trends. Base your first blog post on a subject people are already talking about. The key is to provide a unique point of view. This approach allows you to speak your mind and challenge the minds of your readers while following a trend.
  • Flaunt Your Expertise. Go big and deliver a rich, in-depth piece as your first post. What a way to grab attention, right? Show your industry expertise. It garners respect and makes your content more authoritative. 
  • Make an Announcement. Share a new product, feature, or service representing your brand and what you do. Exciting announcements are a fun way to draw people in, especially if youre also excited. “New and shiny” frequently stands out.

Help is Near

Regardless of what topic you choose for your first blog post, be open to comments and suggestions from your audience. You’re creating the blog to be read and to help, so their opinions matter.

If you sat down to type and are still a bit unsure about where to start, contact Content Journey. We pride ourselves in creating blog content that reflects your brand’s personality and advances your mission. We combine your ideas with our writing and editing expertise to make the magic happen.

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