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Benefits of Press Releases for Small Business

It’s easy to assume that press releases aren’t necessary for your small business. You can just post all of your announcements on social media, right? Well, what about earning attention beyond social? How far might your message go with traditional media? 

Social media isn’t the only appropriate place to share information and announcements about your business. A press release allows you to post an announcement on your website and social media accounts and send it to local journalists and trade publications for consideration. And, if you earn that media coverage, the press release information becomes mainstream, earning your business a ton more attention.

Understanding Press Releases

A press release is a professional, formal announcement written about something urgent, new, or major happening within your business. It’s the simultaneous release of information to get the word out and (hopefully) garner some traditional mass media coverage. 

Press releases maintain a standard structure, and you base them on newsworthy information. So, you want to consider relevance, urgency, issues, impact, and general interest before you send a press release. A new product launch, a significant anniversary, your take on industry changes, a new CEO, mergers, impressive partnerships, and winning awards are all examples of why you would send a press release.

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Benefits of Press Releases for Small Business

So, why would a press release matter for your small business in your town? Because your small business can have a big presence, locally and online. 

Benefits of press releases for your company include:

  • Potential Earned Media. Well-done press releases can grab the attention of your local, state, and even national media outlets. They’re likely to cover the happening with an original story or at least share the information in a business update. This coverage helps spread your message and creates brand awareness, which makes your business a viable option when people need your product or services.
  • Establishes Authority. Public recognition and earned media coverage boost your credibility and industry authority. If people see it on or in their trusted news source, they believe it.
  • Increases Sales Potential. Press releases can generate buzz around new product launches, big promotions, or exciting collaborations, which has the potential to increase your sales. Talk about the details and benefits of whatever you’re releasing, and highlight how your audience can redeem, purchase, or sign up for what you’re promoting. Not every press release will result in mega sales, but if done correctly, they often generate some sales and create new leads.
  • Distributes Content Across Channels. Good content gets shared. When your audience finds your press release informative and engaging, they share it. Distribution across various channels is essentially free marketing and exposure.
  • Increases Marketing Effectiveness. Well-written, informative press releases with a purpose are a cost-effective way to get attention for your brand. While other companies just stick with traditional ads and social media posts, your business is becoming known.
  • Increases Web Traffic. Any announcement from your business that links directly to your website will garner more traffic. Links are an easy way for potential new clients to visit your site and learn more about your business. Use targeted keywords and share your press releases on multiple platforms, also increasing site visits.

Reasons to Hire a Content Marketing Agency for Your Press Releases

Content marketing agencies like Content Journey specialize in the big marketing picture of your business. We don’t just write blog posts. We do it all, including writing press releases. 

Reasons to hire a content marketing agency for your press releases include: 

  • High-Quality Content. Everything you post needs to be relevant, high quality, and understandable to work for every platform. Content marketing agencies ensure this happens. It requires time, research, and understanding of algorithms and your target audience. We take care of producing high-quality content while you tend to other moving parts of your business. 
  • Consistent, Strategic, Quality Creation. When creating all your content alone, you’ll likely get too busy or miss an opportunity to promote your business. Content marketing agencies specialize in this department. We research your industry trends and stay on top of newsworthy happenings in your company.
  • Achieve Cost-Effectiveness. The ROI from hiring a content marketing agency is worth the plunge. You’re investing in the future of your business by letting respected professionals produce quality content for you. It’s easier to start slow and build than to backtrack and correct poor performance.
  • Improve Time Management. Are you spending hours trying to decipher how to better your marketing plan to no avail? It’s OK for marketing not to be your expertise. You didn’t start a business because you’re an expert in every aspect. You started a business because you wanted to make a career out of your passion and talent. Ask for help! Spend your work time wisely by hiring a content marketing agency.
  • Search Engine-Optimized Content. Keywords, formatting, and standout content improve your SEO. Content marketing agencies are experts in SEO, which increases your online presence, website traffic, and potential new customers. You don’t need to stress about algorithms and online trends because your agency takes care of these things.

A PR Dream

Rather than getting yourself into a “PR nightmare,” contact Content Journey to help you create a PR dream. We assemble the content your company needs, provide helpful insights, and have a big-picture mentality while paying attention to detail. We can help you see the benefits of press releases for small business in action.

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