Make Your Lead Magnet Simple

Yesterday I was talking to a group of business friends and I had an epiphany. Lead magnets, above all else should be simple. But let me start from the beginning.

Recently, Content Journey joined the EO Accelerator in Oklahoma City. Yesterday was a learning event on digital marketing. After our presenter was done a few of us hung out and shared ideas.

One of the accelerator board members, Lorenzo Banks and I were talking about how he could attract more visitors to his site. Lorenzo is a partner at Banks, Gillett and Gillet a law firm focused on family law in Oklahoma City. I have actually known one of his law partners for years so I was more familiar with his business than I was others.

They want a way to showcase their work in the family law space and how they stand apart from other competitors. As I was talking through all the things they could potentially use I stopped myself.

I was making the strategy too complicated.

The presenter mentioned HubSpot, which really is a great tool for a lot of companies. But in this case I could see it quickly becoming something cumbersome for this case. See, Lorenzo is a lawyer, not a marketer. He wants to work for his clients. Yes, he knows they need to do something, but the something should be done by someone else.

His job is to identify the problem and the solution and then delegate it to someone else. He and his law partners need to focus on continuing their good work.

Here is what I told Lorenzo and I hope it helps you too.

  1. Keep the lead magnet simple
  2. Provide real value
  3. Don’t complicate the process.

A Simple Lead Magnet

If you don’t know what a lead magnet is we have a full post giving you all the details. But to put it simply, a lead magnet is a type of downloadable material that a website user receives in exchange for their email. Lead magnets can be the first step in creating a relationship with someone that will eventually become your customer.

You don’t need to have 40 page ebooks, you don’t need to provide expensive to create workbooks. You can start simply with something your ideal customer would find valuable. Vida Bars has a hair quiz, Focus Federal Credit Union has a financial education ebook, lead magnets that align with work they do. We are working on one right now for a client in the mental health space. It is a deck of weekly affirmations (that will come in a downloadable PDF to be cut out).

All are simple lead magnets that stay true to who they want to attract to as customers.

Provide Real Value

This seems straight-forward, but I think this gets overlooked. When you are creating your lead magnet, provide real value. Educate your audience on something. Help them do better in their own lives or businesses. And be genuine when you do.

Years and years ago when Cory Miller was still at iThemes he started writing and publishing ebooks. They were all giving out his gold advice, “How to create rockin webinars,” “I want to hire you but your resume sucks,” and “Purposeful Paychecks,” to name a few. They were all simple, but ultimately they were valuable.

Now over 10 years after that publishing started there is an entire library available to people who need the help.

No matter what the lead magnet it is that you are creating, make sure you lead with value.

Don’t Make it Complicated

It isn’t a bad thing if Hubspot isn’t for you. It is not a sign of your business success if you need a more streamlined solution. Lorenzo has a database solution for client management, what he doesn’t have is a marketing tool to connect with future clients. Could he change all of his systems around and go with an all-in-one, sure. Does he need to completely change everything around which could take weeks or months to transfer and learn the new system? I don’t think so.

It is a simple formula.

words that say "website plus lead magnet plus email"

It can be that simple. If you have a website you can create a simple lead magnet that connects to an email list.

Tools for Simple Lead Magnet Strategy

For WordPress – PopUpAlly. It is very simple to use and you can embed in content, a sidebar or have it pop up. Showcasing your lead magnet in an easy to setup plugin.

Platform Agnostic – Beacon. I have used Beacon and it even has a free tier if you just want to check it out. They give you templates to work from, so you don’t also have to be a designer. And it will work across multiple platforms. When I connected it to a MailChimp account it worked seamlessly.

Lots of customizations – OptinMonster. This is the most expensive on the list, but also offers the most flexibility in creation. It is also nice that it offers a few more reporting details.

When it comes to email there are a ton of options.

MailChimp – I am a little biased because I use this one for several of my projects. I find it easy to set-up and there are many integrations that connect all the apps I use.

Active Campaign – this is another option if you need a CRM and email integration. I love using this one for the automated workflows. Plus, for new users they do full training with a person.

Flodesk – this one is new to me. One of the EO members said they are using it and love the templates and says it is very streamlined and simple.

What is Holding You Back?

You really don’t have to throw the kitchen sink at your marketing channel. Starting small and simple is a great first step towards a new marketing program.

What is one thing you can implement today?

Start small. Choose your email provider. If you are still at a loss on which lead magnet to choose then set up a call with me. I leave my calendar open to fee-free 15 minute chats and I would love to help you create your first lead magnet.

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