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Make Your Lead Magnet Simple

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content you give away for a visitor’s email address, allowing you to contact them in the future and build a relationship. As you establish your relationship, you hope they become customers. It’s a simple enough process, but for whatever reason, people tend to make lead magnets a lot more complicated than necessary. 

The best lead magnets are simple above all else. The most vital component isn’t that they’re impressive, comprehensive, or built with a fancy tool. It’s that they provide real value. Let me explain.  

A Simple Lead Magnet

Your goal in creating a lead magnet is to help your audience while gathering email addresses. Lead magnets can be the first step in creating a relationship with someone who will eventually become your customer.

Lead magnets come in many forms, including checklists, infographics, worksheets, and webinars. So, it’s curious that people think they need a 40-page e-book to use a lead magnet strategy. They don’t. You can start simply with something your ideal customer finds valuable. 

For example, Vida Bars offers a hair quiz to help you choose the best product for you. Focus Federal Credit Union has a financial education e-book Both are examples of lead magnets that align with their work and help those they serve. 

Simple lead magnets that stay true to who you want to attract as customers make the most sense. Think about who needs what and how best to present it. Yes, e-books and original research studies are a way, but they aren’t the only way.

Provide Real Value

The critical aspect of a lead magnet is that it provides real value. 

What does it mean to provide value? It means you educate your audience about something. You give them information that helps them do better in their lives or businesses. And you’re genuine when you do.

Valuable content is useful to your audience. It focuses on them and their needs, and they trust the source. It’s easy for them to understand, and they can use it immediately to improve their life.

Make sure you start with value regardless of the type of lead magnet you create.

Don’t Make It Complicated

When you get down to it, lead magnets aren’t nearly as intimidating as people make them. They follow a simple formula. 

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It can be that simple. If you have a website, you can create a simple lead magnet that connects to an email list. People will download the lead magnet in exchange for their email. Then you have a targeted list of people who you know are at least somewhat interested in what you provide to continue nurturing through email.

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Tools for a Simple Lead Magnet Strategy

You also don’t need a bunch of fancy tools or expensive solutions to create lead magnets that serve your audience. 

Lead magnet tools we recommend:

  • ConvertBox. We recommend ConvertBox as our preferred tool for WordPress sites. It’s easy to use, and the price can’t be beat. 
  • PopUpAlly. Another great one is PopUpAlly for WordPress sites. It’s simple to use, and you can embed it in content, a sidebar, or have it pop up. It lets you showcase your lead magnet just by setting up the plugin.
  • Beacon. Beacon works with any platform. It even has a free tier if you just want to check it out. They give you templates to work from, so you don’t have to be a designer. And it will work across multiple platforms. 

Of course, you also want to make the most of the emails you gather by having an email newsletter, which means you need an email solution.

Email hosting options:

  • Mailchimp. MailChimp is simple to set up and has many integrations. It’s probably the most commonly used mail host.
  • Active Campaign. Active Campaign is another good option if you need a CRM and email integration. I love using this one for automated workflows. Plus, they do full training with new users. 
  • Constant Contact. Constant Contact also is simple to use. One of its major benefits is that you can upload large contact databases there. So, if you have an email database in another location, you likely can integrate it pretty easily.

What is Holding You Back?

Lead magnets can help you build relationships with potential customers and grow your business. Don’t hold back! Start small and simple, then build from there if it serves your audience to do so. 

Think about it. What is one thing you can implement today?

Start small. Choose your email provider. Then build from there.

If you don’t want to think about email and lead magnet marketing, but you know it’s worthwhile for your business’s growth, book a call. Let’s talk about how Content Journey can take care of both for you.

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