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Why Content Marketing Matters

You’ve probably heard of the popular ‘90s sitcom “Family Matters.” It’s the show where the goofy neighbor, Steve Urkel, brings humor and chaos to the Winslow family. You may remember him by his famous catchphrase, “Did I do that?” He often said it after clumsily messing something up. 

You may not know that Urkel was supposed to make a one-time appearance on the show. But he quickly became the most memorable character and eventually became the main character. 

Content marketing is a lot like Urkel. It may seem like a quirky and unnecessary option for your small business. But when you implement it consistently, it quickly becomes the main character of your business’s success. And this leading role is why content marketing matters.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating and sharing content that helps you connect with your target audience. Instead of explicitly promoting your brand, products, or services, you distribute relevant and helpful content related to your business and industry to stimulate interest. 

Content marketing allows you to boost your business’s online visibility and helps you develop relationships with clients and potential clients. If your content is effective, you’ll become a trusted expert in your field. 

Content marketing comes in various forms, including blog posts, services pages, videos, infographics, case studies, podcasts, webinars, and social media posts. But what’s vital about content marketing is that your audience can find helpful information from your brand when they need it.

Why Content Marketing Matters

Remember Steve Urkel? He was vital to the plot for many reasons, and so is content marketing. There’s not one specific reason why you need it. There’s a laundry list of reasons. And your business won’t be the same after you implement it.

Your business needs content marketing because:

  • Google Cares About Content. If your content is high quality and relatable, Google will continue to share it. Keywords are essential for SEO, and being at the top of Google search helps people find your business when they’re looking for help.
  • It’s Beneficial for Lead Generation. Your business needs content that stands out and makes it easy for your audience to support you. When they’re looking to solve a problem, make sure it’s your content that grabs their attention. Content also affects future success because search engines continue circulating your relevant content even years later.
  • Better Understanding of Your Customer. Trying different types of content is the best way to test what your audience likes and dislikes. If something you publish performs well, you’ll know your audience is interested and you’ve hit on their needs. 
  • Demonstrates Credibility. The best way to get your audience to trust you is to give them information that benefits them. Your clients don’t really care about your entire resume. They care about the knowledge you’re willing to share that helps them.
  • Saves Money. Content marketing costs significantly less than traditional marketing and garners about three times as many leads. It’s a small investment with a large reward. Additionally, it stays on the internet forever.

When It’s Time to Hire a Content Marketing Agency

Here at Content Journey, we think most companies benefit from hiring a content marketing agency. 

Reasons to hire a content marketing agency include if you:

Your passion for your company is key to your success, but there’s nothing wrong with lightening your workload. We’ll be the shoulder to lean on for all content marketing needs! You don’t have to be an expert at everything. Businesses require a team effort to grow and flourish.

Make Your Biz the Main Character

Building and growing a business isn’t a quick or easy endeavor. We understand the time and effort it takes and want to help make it easier for you. Contact us to see if Content Journey is a good partner for you. There’s no pressure, just a free call with our lead guide. We commit to understanding your mission and goals and working to help you grow your business.

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