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Growing Your Landscaping Business with Content Marketing

When choosing a landscaping company, people want to get it right the first time. But they often don’t know where to turn. Reliability, trust, and quality work are not easy to come by, and the price tag for landscaping isn’t tiny. Still, people tend to turn to Google and choose the local company that looks most legitimate. That’s why you need content marketing for your landscaping business.

Content marketing lets you educate your audience on your services, their purpose, who needs them, and who else is singing your praises. It also can put your company at the top of Google search results, waiting for those local inquiries. Business owners who use content marketing get three times the leads as those who don’t.

How Content Marketing Can Help Your Landscaping Business

Content marketing allows you to have a prominent online presence. Since clients will do online research before deciding what company to hire, your content should draw them in and inform their decisions.

Reasons your landscaping business needs content marketing:

  • Educate Your Audience. Educating makes you a respected leader in the landscaping industry, opening the door for more business and a positive reputation. Not everyone understands landscape design, hardscaping, pruning, or other specialty lawn services. It’s crucial to explain what you offer to make customers feel confident about their choice to support you.
  • Engage Your Prospects. Who is your target audience? Create a buyer persona to determine the desired outcomes of the kind of people you want to serve. Is there an industry-specific problem your business solves? Target your content to the people with that problem. Knowing your audience also helps you solve roadblocks for them before they happen. 
  • Establish Your Brand. What sets you apart? Establish the appropriate tone of voice and core intention of your brand so you’re recognizable and unique. Uncover what makes your brand resonate with your clients and implement it consistently throughout your content and communication.
  • Elevate Your Expertise. Stay in tune with new landscaping techniques and trends to expand your knowledge and service menu. Your audience wants to support experts, so make it a goal to grow and improve regularly.
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Questions to Ask When Creating Content Marketing for Landscaping Businesses

You need vital information to begin creating content for your landscaping business. Take time to research and gather the necessary clues to produce high-quality content that your audience wants to see. 

Some questions you should ask include:

  • What would make someone choose your company after a Google search?
  • What expertise do you have that you could share?
  • What questions do customers regularly ask?
  • What ideas could you offer to inspire customers?
  • What work have you done that you could showcase?
  • What trends are emerging that you could promote?
  • What seasonal advice or ideas can you incorporate?

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you have a place to start with content creation. Rather than publishing willy-nilly content, it’s specific and targeted. It makes your job a little easier simply because you have direction. 

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Tips for Creating Engaging Content

The purpose of publishing content is to encourage your audience to engage with it and eventually support you. We’ve compiled a list of valuable tips that take your content to the next level.

To create engaging content:

  • Realize SEO Matters. Search Engine Optimization can make or break your content. Your content ranks higher in search engines when it includes quality titles, image names, image alt text, a winning topic, and seemingly small details that make all the difference. You want your business to rank high in SEO for visibility and brand growth.
  • Integrate Images and Videos. Images and videos attract attention. Including high-quality images that pertain to your subject matter is even more effective and can boost SEO.
  • Make It Memorable and Meaningful. A Call-to-Action is a must for any content, but you can’t skip over the other content that leads to the CTA. Streamlining your tone, voice, and overall purpose can produce memorable and meaningful content. Put your twist and brand personality into everything you create. It shouldn’t mimic what someone else has done. Give your content a flair that only you can add.
  • Provide Quality Content. Quality content means it’s well thought out, well written, and well distributed. It means you’ve taken the time to consider how your content can benefit your customers. Find a balance between information and entertainment in your writing. Break up heavy blocks of text with bullet points, photos, or graphics to keep blog posts from being wordy or boring.
  • Establish a Plan for Consistency. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” In the case of content creation, it’s especially true. Not having a content plan can lead to inconsistencies in your posts. Structure your calendar realistically, so you don’t overwhelm your team or audience, especially when you first begin creating content. Give yourself grace when life happens, but try to stick with a posting plan.

Let Content Journey Help

If you need some help producing and distributing content, contact Content Journey. We’re content experts, so we can take care of all of your content marketing needs while you focus on your business.

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