Establishing a Brand Voice with BIG Impact webinar promotion

Webinar: Establishing a Brand Voice with BIG Impact

If your brand had an audible voice, what would it sound like? Do you know? Does your brand have multiple voices that seem contradictory or maybe even confuse potential clients? Are you capturing your intended brand voice in all of your messaging?

When your brand voice is off or inconsistent, your business communications lack unity. Sometimes your audience is even confused about what your brand does or stands for.

On the other hand, a unified, strong brand voice represents your business, operations, and values to your audience. 

Brand voice is key to building customer relationships and establishing authority in your niche, which is why we’re hosting a webinar on “Establishing a Brand Voice with BIG Impact” with our own Chief Director of Operations, Emilee Little, as host. 

You’ll learn: 

  • What makes a great brand voice
  • Tips on how to develop your brand voice
  • Best practices to use your brand voice to connect with ideal clients

About Emilee Little

a headshot of Emilee Little

Emilee is the Chief Director of Operations at Content Journey. In this role, she helps create, apply, solidify, and streamline Content Journey’s operations. She also works directly with our clients to ensure that we understand and capture their brand voice.

Emilee joined the Content Journey team in August after working in education and organization management. 

Emilee is a self-described introvert who deeply loves people. She says the mountains are her heart home. She is mom to one amazing teen and partner to a great guy. She loves her cats, dog, and neighbors in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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