Webinar: Cleaning Up Your Writing

You know how you always find that one error right after you press send on an email or post to social media? That one little mistake is pretty much an editor’s worst nightmare. We guard against errors, and the cleaner a writer’s copy is when we get it, the better. 

In this free webinar, I’ll teach you how to clean up your writing. 

You’ll learn:

  • Little writing errors to watch out for
  • The two types of editing and why they’re both crucial
  • Tips for editing your own writing

About the Speaker

Dr. Kenna Griffin has been a writer, editor, and educator for more than two decades. She is a self-proclaimed word nerd.

Griffin is the content director for Content Journey, an Oklahoma-based content marketing company. She also is an adjunct journalism and public relations professor. She was a full-time professor and college media adviser for nearly two decades, following a career as a professional journalist.

Griffin has a Ph.D. in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. She researches the relationship between emotional trauma, journalism professionalism, and organizational support.

When she’s not doing nerdy word things, Griffin likes to read (more nerdy word things?), swim, or just be outdoors in the sunshine and spend time with her family and their three dogs.

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