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‘Tis the Season for Planning Your Holiday Content Strategy

Spooky season may be over, but turkey season, Santa season, and resolution season are upon us! Friends, it’s time to start planning your holiday content strategy and promotions through the first of 2023. The holidays bring cheer, yummy treats, and consumer mayhem. We’re not just talking about the consumption of turkey and sugar cookies, we’re talking about buying stuff! Relevant, targeted content is the best way to stand out and persuade your audience to buy from your business. Don’t be a Scrooge… let’s start planning!

What is a Holiday Content Strategy?

A holiday content strategy is your go-to guide for planning, creating, and managing holiday content for your business. Your strategy won’t look like everyone else’s. Yours should be tailored to your business values, goals, and audience. Holiday content is uber-specific and thematic. To keep it fresh, you must pay attention to holiday trends. 

Consumers often search for gift guides, shopping tips, killer deals, and what’s trending. For example, reposting last year’s gift guide won’t be visible if your audience types “2022 Holiday Gift Guide” into a search engine. Your 2021 keywords, links, and products won’t be relevant anymore. Decide whether you want to update previous posts or create new ones. Whatever you choose should be helpful for your audience and their needs.

Why Holiday Content Matters

Your ability to serve your audience with information is vital year-round, but the holiday season creates a unique opportunity for your business. People want to buy during this time of year, so it makes sense that you’re there for them. They need to be able to find your website and see what special things you’re offering.

You might be surprised to learn that 2021’s holiday season reached $886.7 billion in retail sales. That’s 14.1% more than in 2020. These numbers mean that plenty of people want what you’re selling, and now is the time to market to them. Because, guess what? Consumers are already holiday shopping! Whether in-store or online, give your customers a shopping experience that brings them back. Even after the holidays.

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Planning Your Holiday Content Strategy

Now that you understand the importance of holiday content and why your business needs it, let’s discuss how to execute it. Content Journey has the secret recipe for your holiday content needs. 

  • Start Early. Believe it or not, you should already be promoting your business for December and January holidays. At the very least, you should have a plan to launch right after Thanksgiving. If you haven’t started yet, that’s OK!  You can still make it work.
  • Establish Your Goals. What’s your main purpose this holiday season? Maybe you’re launching a holiday collection, want to boost sales, or just need more exposure for your brand. Identify your holiday goals and keep them at the forefront of your planning. While you may be focused on sales, remember to also entertain, educate, and support your audience with your content.
  • Invest in Advertising. Content is critical year-round, but ads are certainly a helpful boost during the holidays. Ads create immediate, timely exposure. They’re worth the investment, especially during this season.
  • Know Current Trends. Pay attention to trends, especially with your target audience. What are they asking for? What can you do to stay relevant? Trends can push you out of your comfort zone, but following them often produces worthwhile results.
  • Poll Your Audience. An underrated way to know what your audience wants… is to simply ask them. They will voice their opinions! Especially those who want to support your brand and help you grow. They’re the bread and butter of your holiday content ideas.
  • Prepare a Solid Follow Up. Your holiday content strategy should include a follow-up with your audience. Ask them about their shopping experience, customer service interactions, shipping times, etc. Get a feel for what you need to change or prioritize moving forward and for the next season.

Holiday Content Ideas 

Holiday content differs from regular content thematically. But how else is it unique? We have some holiday content ideas that will help your business stand out.

  • Make Your Content Specific. Offer content that people find helpful at this time of year. For example, if you sell non-alcoholic drink mixes, ‘tis time to offer up your holiday cheer recipes. Think about what your audience needs from you during this season, and post those things. 
  • Create Special Holiday Promotions. Promos during the holidays should be bigger and better than any you offer throughout the year. Make them flashy and irresistible. You want your audience to know that they’re getting something special that isn’t offered all the time.
  • Feature Festive CTAs. It’s okay to be corny. Get festive with your calls to action. Your audience will think they’re funny and memorable, even if they all sound like dad jokes. Jingle your content bells all the way to the North Pole if you have to!
  • Offer Holiday Giveaways. The holidays can be difficult for some people. Pressure to spend large amounts of money, have the best decor, and smile all the time is a lot. Offer giveaways that make an impact on your community. That’s the true reason for the season, anyway.
  • Create a Holiday Theme. Tap into a holiday theme that fits your company. Let’s say you own a jewelry brand and want to highlight your holiday collection of winter-themed earrings. You could host a “Twelve Days of Earrings” contest. You post a question on your Instagram story for the first twelve days of December. The first person to answer the question correctly wins a free pair of winter earrings! No matter what you choose, remember that your theme says a lot about your brand and how you interact with your audience.

Make Your List and Check It Twice

You are now an informed business elf who can plan your holiday content strategy. With helpful information and a desire to step up your content this year, you have what you need to succeed. But you might be missing one last thing… time. You’re a business owner, and content marketing is a lot of work, especially during the holidays. Contact Content Journey to help you out. We have the tools and expertise to bring your holiday content vision to life. Let’s celebrate together!

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