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Setting Goals for Digital Marketing

Aside from work and home, where do you think people spend most of their time? You guessed it — online. The average U.S. adult spends about eight hours a day on digital media, making digital marketing critical for your business. You have to reach people where they are, and you need to be strategic about it. This post provides advice for setting goals for digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is about connecting with your target audience in an organic way. With the massive amount of time spent online, digital marketing has become the best way to connect with current and potential customers. 

Digital marketing refers to any marketing that exists on the internet. Websites, social media, and email are a few digital marketing tools. These tools increase your brand’s visibility because consumers rely heavily on getting information online. Unfortunately, if they can’t find you online, they move on to a business they can find there. 

But you also can’t just be online. You need goals you want to accomplish there for your business and strategies for reaching those goals.

Common Digital Marketing Goals

Marketing aims to achieve specific results through connection with your audience. Even though the outcomes can shift and sometimes surprise you, digital marketing goals are vital. 

Common digital marketing goals include:

  • Increasing Awareness. People can’t even consider your business if they don’t know it’s an option. Your online presence must increase visibility for your brand and let people know it exists. 
  • Acquiring New Leads and Customers. When you expand your audience, you’re potentially growing your business. Find different digital marketing techniques to reach people you aren’t currently and convert them into customers. 
  • Activating Existing Leads. How can you expound upon the leads you’ve already gotten? How do you turn a lead into a customer? Use digital marketing to connect with leads and keep your brand top of mind.
  • Onboarding New Customers. The way you’re capturing someone’s attention is crucial, but how you keep their attention is vital. Express to new customers that their presence is appreciated and your business is worth their time.
  • Retaining Existing Customers. Show your customers that you care. You care about helping them and value their opinions. Provide them education like only you can and use their feedback to continue improving your customer relations.
  • Building Relationships. Building relationships with your customers will help them become fans and your brand’s biggest advocates. Word-of-mouth still matters a lot, even in this digital world. 

Once you set digital marketing goals for your business and implement strategic ways of reaching those goals, you’ll notice positive changes. You’ll see an increase in sales, a more engaged audience, improved quality of service, a reduced service cost, and an enhanced presence in your market. Setting goals will unify your team and give your company an overall boost.

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Achieving Your Digital Marketing Goals

So, how do you successfully prepare yourself and your team to achieve your goals? We have some ideas!

To achieve your digital marketing goals, consider:

  • Actions. Digital marketing is cost-effective, so it’s easy to get started. Take action now that will benefit your business. If your first few attempts don’t work, adjust them. That’s the beauty and flexibility of digital marketing. The first step is to start, whether it be on your own or with the help of an agency like Content Journey.
  • Timeframe. Maintain a specific timeline and measures for your goals. How will you evaluate whether you’re reaching them? How will you know if you need to continue or if it’s time to move on to the next goal? Have an assessment plan in place from the beginning.
  • Resources. Does everyone on the team have the resources to achieve your digital marketing goals? If so, do they know how to utilize these tools properly? Showcasing industry-specific and business-specific trends is another good way for your team to visualize where they’re starting and where you want to end up.
  • Accountability. Check your online analytics often. They’ll tell you what’s working. This information will hold you accountable and inform you on what steps to take next. For example, if most of your audience initially found you on Instagram, you may need to spend more time there and work to get them from social to your website.
  • Review. Consistently remind the team of your marketing goals. Reviewing duties, problem-solving, and open communication will make the process smooth and efficient. Goals are not something you talk about once. They should inform all of your digital marketing efforts.

Setting and Accomplishing Your Digital Marketing Goals

You may need help to achieve your digital marketing goals. Perhaps you know what you want to accomplish, but you aren’t sure how. Or maybe you don’t have enough time to run your business and focus on digital marketing. It’s no problem! We’re here to help. Contact Content Journey today. We’re experts in our field so that you can be an expert in yours. 

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