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Creating High-Converting Emails

A notification here… a notification there… We get notifications everywhere! And most of them are about emails. Everyone’s inbox is full of newsletters, ads, and updates. The emails you send your audience must be intriguing and unique to stand out. Email marketing results in higher sales and builds personal relationships with your customers. But how do you make sure you’re creating high-converting emails? This post will help.

Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

Email marketing is a personal way to connect with your audience via their inboxes. Whoever happens to be on Instagram or Facebook that day sees social media blasts. But you send emails directly to supporters of your business who asked for them. People enjoy personally-addressed emails with clickable links and discount codes. Those people opted into your messaging, which means they’re already interested in your products or services. They’re likely to be customers, become customers, or recommend your brand to others.

But how do you convince them? It’s crucial to do email marketing well because you want your email conversion rates to be high. You don’t have to overwhelm or blow up your audience’s inbox to achieve a solid conversion rate. You just have to provide helpful information and personalized shopping experiences. Your business needs email marketing to achieve high website traffic and sales goals. Even if you aren’t a writer, your emails can still rock!

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Creating High-Converting Emails

Sending boring emails won’t do your business any favors. We have advice for turning your marketing emails into high-converting messages that bring you more business and supporters. Because your emails should encourage people to come back for more, not make them unsubscribe.

Ways to create high-converting emails include:

  • Use a Catchy Subject Line. Your subject line is your first chance to grab your audience’s attention with an email. Make it catchy so it stands out from the plethora of other marketing emails in your audience’s inbox.
  • Use Compelling Preview Text. Preview text follows subject lines when it comes to drawing people in. Give them something intriguing to latch on to. Make them want to open the message to see more.
  • Avoid All Caps. It looks a little too clickbaity and aggressive to use all caps when writing an email. Your audience doesn’t want you yelling at them. They want information and solutions to their problems.
  • Know Your Audience. Knowing your audience is the only way to know what your marketing emails should be about. You can deliver emails that receive high open rates and conversions when you understand their wants and needs. 
  • Use Only One Call-to-Action. Including more than one command or instruction in your marketing emails is overwhelming. Keep it simple and give your audience one clear CTA.
  • Be Relevant. Stay up to date with what is current in your industry, so you can send relevant emails to your supporters. Know what’s happening in the world and locally as well. Being current will garner more interest in email sign-ups.
  • Create FOMO. Probably one of the most intense emotional triggers that grabs your attention is the fear of missing out. Who likes getting left behind? No one! Being fearful that you might miss out gives you a sense of urgency to act. Find ways to let your audience know that your business is so lovely that they want to be a part of your community now.
  • Use a Conversational Tone. Part of keeping emails personal is having a friendly, casual tone. Have a conversation with your audience, don’t just spew information at them. A conversational tone makes them feel like they’re communicating with a friend instead of being marketed to. 
  • Provide Exclusive Offers. We all love a good deal! Most of us are on a budget to afford the needs and wants of life. Discounts open the window of possibility to a larger audience, thus expanding the supporters you have. There is no shame in a sale!
  • Segmenting. Put your audience into smaller email groups to specifically target certain demographics. Base the groups on age, location, interests, or the amount of time they’ve been a customer. Segmenting allows uber-targeted emails to land in the inboxes of the people they’ll impact the most.
  • Use Psychology. Psychology in marketing includes emotion-evoking photos and videos, FOMO, and color theory. Using psychology as part of your email campaigns is an intelligent way to impact your audience emotionally to increase conversion. 
  • Test and Optimize. To figure out what email tactics receive the most traction, you can test them. If you see that certain things flop, figure out why and adjust. Testing allows you to optimize your email marketing plan and gain more conversions.

Before You Send

Creating high-converting emails can be daunting. Are you writing enough? Are you focusing on the right things? Are you sending too many or not enough messages? Is anyone even reading them? Content Journey is here to help guide you on your email marketing journey. Contact us to help you write emails that rake in the supporters and sales. We make it our goal to help your goals come to life. The days of boring, unimportant emails are gone. Success is just a phone call away!

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