How to Create an Email Newsletter

Extra! Extra! Read all about it… in an email newsletter! Email newsletters are among the top three content marketing strategies companies use, alongside blog posts and short articles, which, ironically, you share in your email newsletter. 

Before you send a newsletter, consider your goal for sending it and know your audience. Content Journey is here to teach you how to create an email newsletter that helps your clients.

The Importance of Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an affordable, environmentally friendly way to build relationships with your customers, provide related industry content, and nurture leads. They boost your brand’s reputation and professionalism, all while letting customers know that you care and keeping your business top of mind.

It’s up to you to decide your business’s purpose, format, and frequency for sending newsletters. Are you using them to boost sales? Do they include industry research or Call-to-Action buttons? Do you send them every week or every three months? 

The way you structure your e-newsletters can remain the same once you’re comfortable with it. Using the same template will make your life easier and create a simple, repetitive way for your customers to identify your brand online.

How to Create an Email Newsletter

Follow a formula to create email newsletters, and you’ll see an increase in sales and supporters before you know it! Newsletters don’t have to be fancy or time-consuming. They can be simple and neutral and still be effective. You need to follow some steps to get started.

Set Your Goal

You want to be intentional about all communication with your clients. There’s no need to create a newsletter for the heck of it! Give it a purpose. It shouldn’t just be about getting people to open your email. You should have an ultimate goal you’re trying to achieve with newsletters. What do you want people to do as a result of reading your email. Make it clear.

Make a Content and Distribution Plan 

Come up with a content plan and a schedule and stick to it. Consistency is vital to your reputation and client retention. If you’re supposed to send your newsletter once a month, plan so there isn’t a three-month period where customers receive nothing.

Think about the types of content you want to include, based on what your clients need. Do you want to link to outside posts? How much of your blog content will you share? Should you include video or product recommendations? Have a plan for the types of content you want to include. It will make it much easier when it’s time to put the email newsletter together.

Gather Emails and Create Your List 

Allow your clients the opportunity to add themselves to your mailing list. Email list sign-ups often come with an incentive, so it’s a win-win for you and them. Maximize sign-ups with an incentive in a promotional website banner or email sign-up slot during online checkout.

Choose a Platform

You don’t have to attempt to make a professional-looking newsletter in Gmail or Yahoo. It’s probably not going to happen! Choose a newsletter platform to help you execute them instead. We suggest platforms such as MailChimp, ConstantContact, or Campaign Monitor.

Don’t know how to create an email newsletter? Don’t worry! They all walk you through setting up and sending your email newsletter.

Create a Template

The purpose of a template is to decide how your newsletters will look. It makes them memorable and recognizable by customers. Whether you design your own or choose a preexisting template, you can reuse it with updated information each time you send it.

Create a Welcome Email

Let customers know you care by welcoming them to your newsletter email list and telling them what to expect. A welcome email is your chance to make a positive first impression! Make it strong and friendly.

Monitor Your Success

Keep track of open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates to measure the success of your email newsletter. This data will give you an idea about the efficacy of your template, content, and timing.

Send It and Wait

If you’ve never attempted an email newsletter before, don’t worry. How to create an email newsletter depends a lot on the program you use. But they all lead you through the process. Just do your best and hit send. The first one doesn’t have to be perfect. You will learn along the way that you need to tweak some things to make your newsletters better. 

If you need some assistance along the way, contact Content Journey to aid you in your marketing endeavors. Content marketing may not be your strong suit, and that’s okay. It’s ours! We can work alongside you and your team to produce top-notch newsletters, content schedules, and much more. We’d love to partner with you on your content journey.

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