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Writing a Winning About Page

For whatever reason, we all have difficulty writing about ourselves. We can gush and brag about other people, but we clam up when it comes to selling ourselves. Fear of seeming “selfish” or “cocky” creeps in when it’s time to write an About page. But, if we won’t advocate for ourselves and share our skill sets, who will? We often feel uncomfortable discussing personal accolades and ingenuity, but it’s necessary when writing an about page.

Writing an about page is essential to the growth of your business. When people know and understand your background, motives, and inspiration, they’re more likely to conduct business with you. 

Why is the About Page Important?

While it’s arguably one of the most important pages on your website, the About page isn’t just about you, the business owner. It’s also about how your company serves the community and the values your brand supports. People want to identify with your brand’s values and mission. They don’t really care about your product/service if they don’t feel connected to your brand. 

4 reasons the About page is important:

  1. Introduction. Your about page lets customers know who they’re doing business with. It introduces the kind of societal impact your company has and tells them what values your organization supports.
  2. Uniqueness. It explains what sets your company apart from other brands.
  3. Background. It provides background information. Did your company start small and blossom into something more significant? Is your company brand new and aiming to serve new clientele?
  4. Success Stories. It gives success stories. What results did you initiate for previous clients? Has your company fulfilled the needs of others in the past? 

In addition, the About page is an opportunity to build trust and credibility. Think about it. Would you want to buy “locally-sourced honey” from a company that told you nothing about their bees or where they source said honey? No, you wouldn’t, because that’s suspicious and incomplete.

The About Us Is Not About Us at All

Customers are interested in you. But, they’re only interested in the parts of you that can help them. Do you align with their values? Are you serving their needs? Do you have proof of previous results? These are the things people want to know. Knowing this might relieve some pressure to “write about yourself.” The quippy, amusing life story you tell your customers in person is no longer palatable for your website. That’s a relief! 

If you research your target audience ahead of time, you’re more likely to produce what your audience is looking for early on. Keep things clear and concise, and don’t send people down a rabbit hole of useless information or stories. People want to quickly assess if your company is the right one for them to support. People want to scan, evaluate, and commit all in the same breath. You can allow them to do that if your site and each of its pages are user-friendly. 

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re interested in a company, but their website is overwhelming and confusing. It’s an absolute mood-killer! Make things easy for your audience so they don’t click out of your site and move on to something more straightforward to navigate.

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Tips for Writing a Winning About Page

Now that you know why you need an About page and what, generally, your audience is looking for there, let’s talk details. What should you consider when writing the page?

About page writing tips:

  • Focus. Hone in on what your client is looking for. Include what they need and nothing more.
  • Keep It Simple. Provide an easy user experience. Make your headline clear. Make your site simple to navigate and mobile-friendly. Provide internal links where they make sense.
  • Keep the History Brief. Don’t bury what they want to know about your business in the backstory. Yes, visitors want to know the history of your organization, but probably not every little detail.
  • Focus on the Reader. Skip the “we” and use “you.” Speak directly to your target audience. They want to know how you’re helping them.
  • Sell a Bit. Discuss, generally, why customers should choose your business, but save the features you offer for your services page
  • Discuss Values. Showcase your mission. Introduce partnering organizations. Display volunteer experience. Exhibit your commitment to things like diversity and inclusion and your company’s environmental impact.
  • Create Trust. In everything you write, provide a reason to trust your brand.
  • Make Introductions. Talk about your team. Tell who they are, what they do, and how they support the organization’s values.

Need Help Writing a Winning About Page?

It can be challenging to write about yourself or something you care about as much as your brand. Now that you understand the importance of an about us page, you probably want to rewrite yours. Or maybe you don’t have an about page at all. Either way, if you don’t think you can write a winning About page yourself, Content Journey is here to help! Feel free to contact us.

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