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Why Add Content Marketing Strategies in 2023?

New year, new business moves! We have a strategy that will change the trajectory and success of your business in 2023 — content marketing. Content is everywhere, whether it’s a blog post or an email newsletter. It’s often your first exposure to a company, even if you don’t realize it. Content marketing strategies are born from getting to know your audience and providing more of the information they want and need.

Content marketing strategies help turn your goals into achievements. If you’re not yet marketing to your audience with content, 2023 is the time to start.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing is crucial to your business for multiple reasons. It answers your audience’s questions, builds trust, and improves conversion rates. Consistent, high-quality content impacts your audience’s decision-making. 

Once they decide to buy from you, you have the opportunity to turn them into fans who support your business repeatedly and recommend it to others. 

And here’s a truth bomb from us to you – a lack of content marketing could be hiding your business from a large portion of potential audience members.

Ads aren’t enough exposure for businesses anymore. The internet is saturated with people trying to promote their products and services, so customers find ads intrusive and annoying. They tend to ignore them or even block them. 

Content marketing is just the opposite. People search online for answers to their questions or to solve a problem, and your brand is there with the solution they need. Start using content marketing by creating a solid content schedule and becoming a reliable source for your audience when they want and need information. 

Choosing what content to create relies heavily on your ability to listen to your audience. Producing content is a way to show your audience that you’ve heard their voices and responded accordingly.

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Why Add Content Marketing Strategies in 2022?

As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your outreach and get better results, right? Connecting with your audience through content marketing is a great way to do just that. Content doesn’t distract or irritate your audience. Instead, it produces leads and introduces groups of people to your brand right when they need it most. Here are some of the most valuable reasons to add content marketing strategies in 2023.

Encourages Brand Loyalty

People who are loyal to your brand guarantee future sales. But even people who don’t buy from your business can be loyal to it. For example, just because you don’t need new kitchen appliances doesn’t mean you can’t recommend a certain appliance to a friend. Brand loyalty is the reason companies stick around for decades. Showing up regularly to remind people what your company offers and how you can help solve their problems matters.

Builds Trust

Listening and responding to your audience and what they want is a trust-building exercise. Value and implement their feedback, and they will trust you. Give them reliable information, and they will trust you. Provide consistent content, and they will trust you. They will likely become customers if they trust you and recommend your business to others.

Generates More Leads

Having a clear call-to-action within your content is one way to get more sales and supporters. Your various content works together to bring your audience to a place where they can respond appropriately to your CTA. A CTA isn’t just a demanding “purchase now” button. It’s a compelling prompt that inspires your audience to take the next step.

Increases Conversion Rates

Generating audience interest with delight and emotional responses is key. Your content should reflect the heart of your business. People will relate to your values and want to support you. As a result, your conversion rates will increase. More than 90% of businesses use blogs to help convert website visitors into customers.

Think about your favorite clothing company and why you love them. Is it their inclusivity? Their ethics? Their fun and colorful wardrobe options? Whatever delights you likely continues to attract you to them, even if their prices are greater than the competitors. 

Additionally, buying isn’t typically a linear experience for most consumers. They go on a journey from initial interest in your brand to becoming a supporter, plus everything in between. Use content mapping to organize your content to support their journey. 

Creates SEO Visibility

Consistent, high-quality content in multiple forms will increase your brand’s online visibility. Search engines are smart. You want people to find your business first when they’re searching online in your area. It’s how SEO content marketing works for your business. It uses targeted keywords to help your company rank high in search results.

Generates Organic Search Authority

Consistent, high-quality content from an expert source makes you an authority in your industry. People will know that your content is honest and reliable, so they will return to it and reference it frequently. Heavy online traffic boosts your visibility in search engines, resulting in even more organic traffic. Being viewed as an industry expert makes your audience trust you and be loyal to you. Like any working relationship, trust is the foundation of everything.

Supports Targeted Buying 

The buyer’s journey begins with a spark of interest, leading to research and more curiosity, eventually resulting in the buyer purchasing from your company. It’s smart to have relevant and targeted content throughout their entire journey. Targeted content keeps the fire of interest ignited from beginning to end.

Introduces Multi-Format Content

Being able to repurpose and reuse the content you produce is a smart marketing move. Repurposing doesn’t mean you never create anything fresh. It means that you distribute your content on multiple platforms in different ways to attract various audiences. Think about how a charcuterie board has something for everyone on it. Your content strategy should mirror that! Everybody in your audience comes across your morsels of content at different times, so it’s okay to offer it to them more than once.

Saves Money

Content marketing is one of the least expensive forms of marketing with the highest returns. Some experts say content marketing is about 60% cheaper than traditional marketing. You can get the most bang for your buck when utilizing it. The initial investment is a tiny drop in the bucket when your content brings in more supporters and continues working for your business for years. Remember that content marketing now is a wallet-friendly way of investing in the future of your business.

Tips to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for the New Year

Now that you understand and appreciate the benefits of content marketing, we have some advice on creating a content marketing strategy for 2023. Planning means a more positive experience for you and your audience. Consistency is key, after all.

Tips for creating a strategy include:

  • Know Your Audience. Do your audience research. Determine who benefits most from your products or services, their age, occupation, and buyer persona. After you know your ideal customers and their needs, produce content that directly serves them. Provide the information where and how they want to receive it.
  • Educate. Give your audience solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. Remember that you’re the expert! You know much more about the problem your product or service solves and your industry than the average person does. Share that information with your audience. 
  • Identify Your Brand’s Uniqueness. Nobody wants to see the same stuff other brands are doing. Stand out from the competition with your integrity, personalization, and inspiration. You bring something special to your brand, so be confident in that.
  • Plan Distribution. What channels will you use? How will you manage it? Some content marketing techniques will work better than others for your audience. Try a few and track their success. Next, create a content calendar and stick with it. Showing up regularly for your audience matters. 

Let Content Journey Help with Content Marketing Strategies

If you’re intrigued by creating a content marketing strategy for your business, set up a call with our Lead Guide, Lindsey Miller. We work with you to understand your mission, goals, brand personality, audience, and more to create the best content marketing mix to serve your business.

We are consistent, reliable, and dedicated to helping you use your industry expertise to serve your audience. Begin your new year with a business move that will set you up for success. The time to invest in your business is now!

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