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8 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Mental Health Treatment Center

Helping create a well world is no small feat. Running a mental health treatment center means keeping up with a lot of moving parts. Maintaining a steady flow of client intakes is a huge factor in your ability to continue helping people. Leading people who need assistance to your treatment center is one of the primary benefits of hiring a marketing agency.

What Can a Marketing Agency Do for Your Treatment Center?

A marketing agency helps you reach your treatment center’s target audience to promote your services and achieve your marketing objectives. These objectives likely include creating awareness of the center and getting a certain number of inquiries or people signing up for programs within a specific period.

Content Journey is a content marketing agency. That means we guide you through content strategy, creation, publication, and distribution. We get to know your audience, services, and goals. Then we create keyword strategies to guide the production of content. 

We aim to represent your company while serving your clients’ information needs. We write and publish the content for you based on that research. Then we help you understand how to distribute the content. 

We use website research and content to attract more people to your website and help you generate leads, thereby growing your client base.

8 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Treatment Center

The greatest benefit of hiring a marketing agency for your mental health treatment center is to increase the number of people you serve. While it’s a huge benefit, it’s not the only one.

1. Time

You have 24 hours in every day, and you can only stretch that time so far. As productivity expert David Allen said:

“You can do anything, but not everything.”

Marketing is one of the tasks you can outsource, allowing you to do the other things that only you can do at the center.

2. Expertise

Outsourcing your center’s marketing means getting writers, editors, and SEO expertise all wrapped up in a team that understands content marketing best practices. So, instead of trying to do everything yourself, you get a team of experts to advise and implement your marketing efforts.

3. Professional Quality

There’s a difference in quality that comes with hiring experts. That difference matters on your website and in your marketing efforts. 

Grammar, spelling, and writing errors cause readers to flee blogs. Failure to follow SEO content marketing best practices means people won’t find your content. 

Email campaigns or images that lack sensitivity can make people feel judged instead of supported and understood.

You want to ensure your marketing represents your mental health treatment center at the highest level and helps minimize any stigma associated with seeking help.

4. Targeted Efforts

Sometimes it may feel like you’re shouting into a void. You know there are people who need your services, but you’re having difficulty reaching them. A marketing agency can help.

A marketing agency will help you identify and target the specific audience you want to reach. Through research and a thorough understanding of your ideal clients, they will communicate your services and benefits with the right people, when and where they will most likely be receptive to the messages.

5. Variety on Schedule

Outsourcing guarantees regular, quality content that gets published on schedule. It also means the experts can advise you on the right content mix for your audience, so you can reach them when, how, and where they will be most receptive to the message. 

For example, our most popular client package provides a weekly blog post, monthly newsletter, social media content promotion, and six lead magnets yearly on top of technical SEO work. That means your message reaches the various members of your audience in consistent but unique ways.

When you partner with a marketing agency, you also benefit from the creativity of an outside team with exposure to many different businesses. They can use what they learn from various clients to help your business.

6. New, Up-to-Date Perspectives

Your job is keeping up with the latest developments in mental health treatment and well-being practices. That likely means you don’t spend much time thinking about what’s happening in the marketing industry. Outsourcing your marketing efforts means you have a team of dedicated professionals whose job it is to think creatively about your treatment center, client needs, and how you can apply the most up-to-date marketing practices to get in front of people who most need your help.

7. High ROI

With a marketing agency, you’ll always know if your efforts are working. Agencies help you set realistic goals for your marketing and track the performance of your marketing efforts. These insights allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and make adjustments where needed. 

Also, content marketing specifically has an excellent ROI. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, resulting in three times as many leads. Based on this return alone, it’s probably worth considering.

8. Gaining a Trusted Partner

You know the many benefits of having a trusted partner who will do the right thing for your business. It makes your life easier when you can set things up with an agency and know the work will be done well from then on. Sure, you still want updates and may need to make decisions as things change or develop, but you have someone to guide you and make recommendations. A great partner is irreplaceable.

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How to Know if You Should Hire a Content Marketing Agency

About 226,000 people search for mental health treatment and related terms each month. If you want to reach at least some of those people with your message, a content marketing agency is a good choice for you.

Consider hiring a content marketing agency if you:

  • Want to Grow Your Center. People can’t even consider your treatment center if they’re unaware of it. One of the benefits of content marketing is that it makes people aware of your center. Making the right people aware of your center means it’s an option to consider.
  • Understand the Value of Content. Content marketing works because people want helpful, informative content that helps them make decisions. This need for reliable information is even greater in the wellness space. If you want to help serve people’s information needs, content is the way to go.
  • Want Strong ROI. You don’t want to waste time or money when people need help. Content marketing costs less and gives you more than other marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Don’t Have Expertise. Hiring a content marketing agency means you’re guaranteed a certain amount of content every month, and you don’t have to spend time determining what content you need, creating it, or publishing it. You have someone to do it for you. Also, you don’t have to worry about quality when you hire experts.
  • Are Clueless About SEO. Search Engine Optimization best practices are critical for increasing the number of visits to your website and leading people who need help to your center. Unless you’re an SEO expert, hiring one to do this work for you is probably a good idea. Luckily, content marketing agencies employ experts to do SEO research and implement it for you.
  • Need to Get the Most from Your Efforts. Content Journey works for two types of mental health clients. Some need a content marketing agency to lead all of their efforts. Others have an in-house team and want to supplement those efforts with additional content or expertise. Regardless of your situation, we can help you get the most from your content marketing.

The Content Journey Difference

When it comes to mental health marketing, you don’t want to take shortcuts or trust the work to just anyone. Content Journey does mental health marketing differently. That’s because we’re marketing and mental health experts — with the degrees and credentials to prove it. You get the best of both worlds when you choose us as your wellness marketing agency

What does that look like in action? We use these guiding principles for mental health marketing.

Why have guiding principles specific to mental health marketing? Because we know the stakes are high when you’re dealing with people’s health. It’s our responsibility to use our mental health and marketing expertise to help you assist them without causing harm or supporting stigmas.

Partner with Content Journey for Mental Health Marketing

You want to reap all of the benefits of hiring a marketing agency for your mental health treatment center, but you also have to be careful who you partner with. It can’t be just anyone. You need an agency that understands the importance of mental health marketing and why it’s unique. Content Journey is that agency. Contact us today to learn more about how we do mental health marketing differently and how to partner with us.

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