Webinar: Making Sense of SEO

SEO seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors, and some so-called experts would have you believe it’s too complicated for the average person to understand. It’s not true.

SEO is real. You can understand it. And applying even the most rudimentary SEO best practices can help get attention for your business.

If you’re ready to learn more, join me and SEO expert Megan Bireta for our free webinar, “Making Sense of SEO.”

You’ll learn: 

  • The difference between churning content vs. SEO strategy
  • Common misconceptions of SEO
  • Elements of SEO
  • SEO simplified

About Lindsey Miller

After spending a decade in politics and almost the same amount of time in the WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystem, Lindsey Miller created Content Journey. Her passion for making a difference led her to build a business around the success of others. 

Lindsey’s goal when working with clients is to take the mystery out of SEO and marketing. She knows our clients win when we understand and follow the rules. Lindsey doesn’t take shortcuts. She does the work to help clients grow their businesses the right way.

She stays knowledgeable about marketing strategies to ensure our clients follow best practices. One of her favorite things is talking to clients about creative strategies. It is why she always keeps time available for free strategy calls. If you want to talk strategy, feel free to book a call. You also can connect with Lindsey on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About Megan Bireta

Megan Bireta is Content Journey’s resident SEO specialist with more than 20 years of digital marketing experience. She creates strategic SEO plans by analyzing and providing keyword research, on-page page optimization, schema.org mapping and implementation, E-A-T analysis and recommendations, technical audits, and project management to grow traffic and engagement organically. She aims to increase traffic and leads for clients. But she also wants to educate and build a foundation that weaves SEO into everything the business does.

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