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How Can You Spread the Word?

Your business has a big announcement! You’re moving headquarters, signed your hundredth client, made a significant charitable donation, or you’re hosting a big-name speaker. But how do you spread the word? 

If only there were a way to… 

  • Share your major announcement with your current clients and stakeholders simultaneously
  • Earn coverage from traditional media outlets and trade publications
  • Promote your company’s win without being braggadocious
  • Spread awareness of your brand among a mass audience
  • Be known for something you are proud of

Believe it or not, there is a solution. And we do the writing for you! 

A Press Release Distributes Your Message

A press release lets you make a simultaneous announcement to all your business’s stakeholders and media outlets. You can post the press release copy on your website, share it on your brand’s social media pages, and send it to media contacts who cover your industry. 

Press releases help you spread the word about your announcement while getting traditional media coverage that may consist of anything from a calendar listing or brief in a print publication’s business section to a media appearance on a television station.

This type of coverage also puts your business name in front of many people, creating greater awareness of your company and the products or services you provide. In fact, 70% of businesses said press releases increased their brand’s visibility. Having heard of your brand and having a positive association with it can help with future sales.

Let Content Journey Help You With Press Release Creation

Content Journey’s writing team has decades of experience writing and editing all types of content, including press releases. We know how to write press release copy that gets attention. With our press release writing services, you get a release that’s well-written, meticulously edited, and packaged for publication. We’ll do the content work so you can focus on running your business.

Press release writing and distribution happen as needed, so Content Journey can substitute press release creation into any of our package plans as you need it. We also offer press release writing services a la carte if you need them occasionally.

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