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Creating the Best Content Schedule

Companies with blogs get 55% more online traffic than those without. But here’s the thing. The blog can’t just be a bunch of old posts. You have to update it regularly so your audience finds something new, helpful, and interesting every time they visit. Otherwise, they’re likely to click on your blog once and never …

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Taking Care of Business AND Yourself

You have 62 hours a week to do with whatever you choose. You’re probably laughing right now. You’re thinking, “No, Kenna, you may have 62 free hours in your week, but I certainly don’t. I’m busy and stressed pretty much all the time.” I understand your skepticism. But hear me out. There are 168 hours …

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What you need to know about Social Media Image Sizes

Visual content reigns supreme in 2021. Social media images are an integral part of your content marketing strategy today. The images you share tell your company’s story and allow your audience insight into who you are as a business. Knowing the right sizes of each platform on social media is important. With the quick-scroll standard of …

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Make Your Lead Magnet Simple

Yesterday I was talking to a group of business friends and I had an epiphany. Lead magnets, above all else should be simple. But let me start from the beginning. Recently, Content Journey joined the EO Accelerator in Oklahoma City. Yesterday was a learning event on digital marketing. After our presenter was done a few …

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What You Need to Know About the New Facebook Page Design

Out with the old and in with the new—at least for Facebook page design. This social networking mogul has over 2.5 billion active users and continuously improves their user’s experience. Typically, a better user experience starts with the design, layout, and features.  In case you are late to the game, pages and profiles function differently.  …

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Your Website Should Be Your Best Salesperson

Your website should function as your best salesperson by providing all the answers to your prospects questions. Look at it this way – where else can customers learn about your business 24/7/365? Your website never sleeps and is available worldwide. If you know exactly what pains your services or products solve, then all of that …

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What is a Marketing Plan?

You’ve got your business idea in place and a solid business plan built around it. There’s no reason you shouldn’t succeed. But your sales just aren’t where they need to be. I know how you feel. You spent a lot of time building an effective business plan that took your marketing strategy heavily into account. …

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What is inbound marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

In today’s world, more and more business owners are becoming cognizant of the fact that online marketing is now an effective way to sell products, build a base of loyal customers, and make brand ambassadorship a real thing. If you’ve recently become aware of the role that digital advertising can play in building your company …

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