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What You Need to Know About the New Facebook Page Design

Out with the old and in with the new—at least for Facebook page design. This social networking mogul has over 2.5 billion active users and continuously improves their user’s experience. Typically, a better user experience starts with the design, layout, and features. 

In case you are late to the game, pages and profiles function differently. 

Profiles are personal and have a different look, feel, and function. 

Pages are public-facing profiles used by organizations and public figures, such as celebrities and politicians. Pages increase brand awareness and the ability to engage with your audience.  

Facebook page design is moving forward to create a more fashionable and practical way to engage with brands like yours on their platform. 

Facebook Page Design: What’s New

  • Page designs that are simpler to navigate 
  • Newsfeeds and improved engagement opportunities 
  • Q&A features that better connect a brand with its audience
  • Followers are the new focus
  • Robust admin tools to better manage a Facebook page
  • Enhanced safety measures to identify spam and more

Navigating Your New Page Design

Learning your way around a new technology can be challenging, but navigating Facebook’s newly designed pages are not. They are intuitively designed so that both the page administrators and their audience’s experience are simple and enjoyable. 

If you manage one or many Facebook pages, then you will be happy to know that their team has streamlined the process of toggling between personal profiles and public pages. They have also made the important stuff, like bios and recent posts, simple to locate and view.

Engaging As A Newly Designed Facebook Page

Newsfeeds were initially a feature only available to personal profiles, but now they will be accessible for your organization’s Facebook page too. 

This new feature fosters an entirely new method of engagement for brands. 

For example, your page can now follow trends, interact and converse with its audience on trending topics and posts. Think about all the insight your personal Facebook profile has access to, such as new connection suggestions, and how powerful this feature can be for your brand’s Facebook page. 

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Harnessing The Q&A Feature

If you have ever taken advantage of the Q&A feature on your Google My Business page, then you understand how powerful this new element can be for your Facebook page. 

“You can host a Q&A on your Page so that your followers can ask you questions about a topic you know. As you answer questions, they become part of a stack of questions that your followers can swipe through.” – Facebook

We may also be a little biased here, as content marketing gurus, but having a list of questions directly from your audience is a hidden gem. These Q&As can help generate future blog topics and lead magnets. 

Understanding the Power of Followers 

Likes will be a thing of the past and removed with the new page design. Going forward, followers will reflect your true fan base. 

Following a page means that that person wants to receive updates from the brand. Your followers are actively engaging with your brand, while page likes are a more superficial popularity metric and will now be obsolete. 

Managing Your New and Improved Admin Tools

There are many elements on your Facebook page to manage. Some of these administrative duties include managing everyone’s roles, permissions, and access. 

With the new Facebook page design came more robust and granular page management tools. These tools allow you to assign admin access and permissions per task, such as insights, ads, content, messages, and more.

Moderating for Safety & Integrity

Facebook has taken some heat recently but has been working to foster a safe place where brands, audiences, and people can interact with each other, stating the following:

“We’ve improved our ability to detect activity that isn’t allowed on our platform, including hate speech, violent, sexual or spammy content, and impersonation. We are continuing to expand the visibility of a verified badge to make it easier to identify posts and comments from authentic Pages and profiles. A verified Page’s comment on another Page’s public post may appear higher in the comments section and be visible in News Feed.” 

Facebook Page Design: Change the Way You Interact 

Those are just six ways that Facebook has updated their page designs. The way you interact with other brands and your audience will also change a bit. Here is a quick recap of how these new design updates and features will shape your interactions. 

Your Page Now Has a News Feed

A company page’s ability to interact with its audience and other industries might not be a new concept (think Instagram and LinkedIn), but it is for Facebook pages. When you go to your page, you will notice your news feed tab, just under “Home,” in the left navigation bar where you manage your page.  

Your Brand Can Participate in Conversation 

Yes, your page can finally join in on conversations! Your page’s news feed functions similar to your personal profile’s news feed showing published posts from other brands you are following. The news feed will also suggest pages and brands that you can now interact with on a completely different level. You may even consider following and increasing your audience and brand awareness through conversation. 

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Your Followers Are Your Real Fans

As mentioned earlier, your page likes are being sunset, and your page follows are the real fan base on which you should focus your engagement. 

A “Like” is more of a superficial popularity contest. Anyone can like a page, but when someone follows your page, they really like you and want to engage with your brand actively.

Your New Q&A Feature

While you may have a bio, a robust about us page, listed your products or services, etc., there is still plenty that can be left unsaid, and your audience likely still has a few questions. The idea behind the new Q&A feature is to spark more interaction and create conversations. Click to find out how you can start hosting a Q&A on your Facebook page.

Pages Design: FAQ 

When Will I Have Access?

Now that you are excited about your Facebook page redesign, you are probably wondering when you can start using it. The best part is that you may already be able to use these new features. On January 6th, Facebook said they would officially begin updating Facebook Pages throughout the upcoming months. Check your page to see if yours has been updated.   

Pages Design: Transitioning 

Transitioning to uncharted waters and learning how to renavigate the way you interact with your audience on Facebook might make you a little uneasy. However, they have updated the design to be more user-friendly and straightforward, making the switch between public pages to your profile and vice versa a piece of cake. 

Not to mention the new features they have added to make engaging with your audience more easily accessible and transparent in order to build your community and achieve your brand’s goals. 

Your brand’s Facebook page is a part of someone’s Facebook experience, so how will you harness and optimize that opportunity? 

Tracking and using data from your marketing campaigns, from Facebook follows to lead magnets, plays a pivotal role in expanding your brand. 

If you are looking to publish consistent and strategic content, we are your team. We bake strategic planning, research, and monthly analytics reports into every content package.

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