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New Year, New Content Journey Resolutions

A new year comes with so many new opportunities. If you subscribe to our newsletter (and you should), you know that 2021 was a fantastic year for Content Journey. Our client list grew and now represents a dozen different industries. And honestly, I count many of our clients as friends. We work with really great people. 

I don’t set resolutions. Instead, I choose a word representing my focus for the year in all areas of my life. The word in 2021 was growth. 

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I experienced a lot of personal growth in 2021. I grew into who I am as a business owner and leader. I started the year uncomfortable in my leadership role and, through the year, leaned into my friends, mentors, and a leadership group in WordPress I am a part of. Because I was vulnerable with these trusted friends, I was able to work through my feelings of being uncomfortable, and I’m ending the year in a much stronger place. 

Our team also grew a ton in 2021. We added two part-time positions and three full-time positions, including Taylor, our director of client success. She said: 

“My CJ resolution is to become more comfortable and confident in my role. This means putting in place a routine that works and establishing a good line of communication with my coworkers and CJ clients. There is still so much that I can learn about this field to help me be a successful part of my team.”

Our two new part-time publishing assistants, Mark and Dave, agreed that they want to continue growing into their new roles and expanding their skills. Mark said:

“My CJ resolution is to invest more of myself for personal growth in terms of honing and acquiring new skills, reading books, enrolling in various free and paid online courses such as graphic design, video editing, web development, etc. Also, I want to equip myself in any task the CJ team will be assigned to me next year!”

Our writing staff also boomed in 2021. We added 11 new freelance writers to our team this year. Our content director, Kenna, resolves to keep this intentional growth of our writing team going in years to come. She said:

“I think strong pairings between writers and clients is key to our success. I never want to underestimate the importance of this fit.”

And we contributed to our clients’ growth in 2021. I absolutely love helping our clients grow their businesses, and we were really able to do that in the past year. One client grew their organic traffic by 75% in their first three months with us! Another client grew their organic traffic by 600% during their year with us! It is wins like these that keep us going.

I expect more growth in 2022. And certainly that will always be a focus of our business. I look forward to sharing more of our clients’ success stories in the upcoming year.

My Word for 2022

With a new year comes a new word. This year’s theme word is explore. 

My children are 8 and 7, which means they’re at inquisitive ages. I want to nurture that curiosity and explore more with them. 

Personally, I’m ready to get back into the world and explore my city and new places. I plan to do that in 2022 as much as the pandemic safely allows. 

And for Content Journey, I’m always looking for ways to explore our offerings, our efficiency, and how to better serve our clients. As usual, I have some ideas, and thinking of all the areas to explore this next year gets me excited.  

Our Wish for You

The Content Journey team wishes you growth and exploration in 2022. And we’d love to partner to help make those things happen for your business. If you’re ready to explore content marketing and all it can offer, set up a time to talk with me in the new year. A no-pressure conversation could lead to the happiest new year of all for your business.

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