Meet Lindsey Irvine

You got a marketing problem? Lindsey Irvine can solve it! And we’re willing to bet she’ll do it with her trademark smile and positive attitude.

Lindsey (or “Lins” as we call her with so many Lindseys around here) joined the Content Journey team as Marketing Assistant to ensure our clients feel well cared for and have the best possible marketing materials.

Emilee Little, Chief Director of Operations for Content Journey, said tons of things stood out about Lins during the hiring process.

“I loved hearing her describe her genuine care for the teams and customers she’s worked with. She shared experiences of going above and beyond to solve client issues and pivoting to adjust to changing priorities,” Emilee said. “I also loved the excitement she had around opportunities to learn, grow, and experience new challenges.”

Lins majored in communication in college, specializing in video production, a skill she’s already applying for the Content Journey team. She worked in the service industry for the past seven years, managing a cafe, serving as a line cook, and working at a brewery.

“I thought I could use all the skills I learned in the service industry and my degree to help people with their marketing needs,” she said. “It’s a very different industry, but I love what I’m doing and am excited to learn all I can.”

Lins joins our team from Calhoun, Georgia. When she’s not working, Lins enjoys live music and traveling. She’s been to 17 countries so far and hopes to add to the list! We’re willing to bet that our founder, Lindsey Miller, has some great travel recommendations for her. 

Lins also calls herself “a bit of a movie nerd.” And she enjoys reading a good book and going on park adventures with her puppy, Avery.

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