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How to Write a Service Description

Your work speaks for itself. The time and energy you put into your services are clearly evident to your past customers. But what about your future customers? Do they know what you do and how they can book your services? Knowing how to write a service description can help your ideal customers find you by simply sharing what it is you do.

What is a Service Description?

A service description explains your business’s services, but it also does double duty as marketing copy. It explains the service you offer and how customers can purchase that service. A service description demonstrates what you do and how you do it. But more importantly, it shows customers why they should care — how your service solves their problem.

A well-written service description is a form of marketing because it provides the details customers need to understand why they need that service. A good service description explains the specific details about the service and the benefits a customer can expect from your service. All this information is important because it helps customers understand how your offerings are different from the other services on the market. Knowing how to write a service description can help your services stand out.

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How to Write a Service Description

Even though service providers may be in different industries, the method for writing a service description has some universal components. Take a look at these steps and consider how you can convey them about your unique business.

Identify Your Target Customers

Your ideal customer is a specific type of person who belongs to a particular demographic. Knowing how to address people of that demographic in a way that appeals to them is crucial for your service description’s success. So, before you jump into writing what it is you do, think about who your customers are. What are their wants and needs? What separates them from someone who wouldn’t like your services? You can look at previous customers you’ve had, or if you haven’t had any sales yet, think about the type of client you’d love to work with.

Relate to Your Audience

When you know who your customers are, it’s much easier to connect with them. After identifying your target customers, it’s time to look at your services from their perspective. Instead of just explaining what you do, explain what you do in a way that would interest your target audience. The more you know about your customers, the easier this will be. If you struggle with thinking from their perspective, go back and think about your target customers some more. The more aligned your service description is with your potential customers, the more likely your customers are to choose your company over competitors.

Determine Your Format

After you’ve thought about how to align your descriptions with your customer, it’s time to think about how you will format them. For better searchability, it’s generally a good idea for each service description to be housed on its own page on your website. 

Once you’ve created the page, it’s time to format the actual description. Think about how your customer will see these descriptions. Having all the details in a paragraph is important, but would your customer be more likely to skim the high points in a bulleted list? Would using a combination of the two work best for your service? Whatever you choose, make sure all the information they need is there.

Be Specific

Using specific language helps your customers understand what you do. It also helps you avoid meaningless clichés in your descriptions. 

Every industry has jargon, and we’ve all seen website copy that reads like someone picked a handful of impressive phrases and mixed them in a word salad. You don’t want your service description to read that way. Avoid jargon because your customers may not know what it means.

Instead of using words that describe the work you do, focus on sharing details about your work that make it unique. For example, instead of “industry-leading,” list awards you’ve won. Instead of “high-end,” explain what it is about your services that give them that quality.

Build Trust

When you’re writing your service descriptions, think about how you can prove you’re capable of providing the service you’re selling. 

Every service provider has service descriptions. But the businesses that build trust with their customers can back up their claims before the customer makes a purchase. 

So, how do you provide evidence that you can do what you say you’re going to? You can share star reviews of your services. You can share how many customers have purchased the service in the description. You can even use a plugin on your site that shows when a customer makes a purchase so customers can see that other people are using your business.

Provide Testimonials

People often seek out suggestions before making a purchase. They want to know how the experiences other customers have had before they open their wallets. 

While your customers may never meet, you can always offer testimonials so your potential customers can see how past customers liked your service. 

To gather testimonials, simply create a survey form and send it out to past customers after you’ve finished working with them. The more you have, the more likely potential customers will trust you.

Important Things to Include in Your Service Description

Now that you know how to write a service description let’s talk about things you must include in your service description.

In your service description, make sure to:

  • Outline the Audience’s Problem. After you’ve thought about your target customer, you should know what problems they’re trying to resolve with your service. Putting this information in the description will show how your service helps customers.
  • Direct the Audience Clearly to the Next Step. Once you’ve shared the service description, make it clear what the customer needs to do to buy it, whether booking a discovery call, filling out a contact form, or simply clicking a buy button.
  • Incorporate Your Brand Voice. Make it apparent that this service description is for your brand and not anyone else’s. Use the language and style your customers know and expect from you.
  • Clearly Communicate Customer Benefits. In your service description, show how each service feature leads to a customer benefit. Your service can make their life easier or simply help them feel better, but you need to show that your services do that.
  • Connect with Customer Pain Points. Since you know your target customer, show that your service can help them overcome a big pain point they have. This elimination makes your description more persuasive and enticing to a potential customer.

Let Content Journey Help with Your Service Descriptions

Knowing how to write a service description and the vital components to include is totally our thing. We love helping customers create service descriptions and pages and a content plan to build your visibility online. Contact Content Journey to learn how we can work together.

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