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8 High-Demand Blog Topics

So, you started a blog. Yahoo! You’ve planned, written, edited, and published your first post. Done! Or… not so done. Now you have to keep planning, writing, editing, and publishing more posts. Unfortunately, the magic blog fairies can’t take over the task. Continued, quality posting will increase engagement, strengthen customer relationships, create a substantial return on investment, and send more traffic to your site. Need help with what to write about? Here are some high-demand blog topics to consider. 

How to Find Blog Topics

Let’s start with a hypothetical. Imagine becoming a blog writing machine and depleting our list of ideas. How do you find new ones? We have a list for that too. 

To discover new blog topic ideas:

  • Survey Your Customers. What does your audience want and need more information about? You can perform a formal survey or have conversations with your audience members to better understand their concerns and needs.
  • Review Comments. Are people commenting on your blog or social media posts? What are they talking about? You may find some helpful ideas there. 
  • Explore Online Groups. Don’t limit yourself to your current clients or audience. What’s your potential audience discussing? Addressing those things will help convert them.
  • Do Keyword Research. What do people search for related to your product, service, topic, or industry? Write about the things your competitors are overlooking. Or write better, unique information about the areas your competitors are covering.
  • Spy On Your Competition. See what competitors are writing about. Does it inspire ideas? Again, how can you address the topic differently or better? 
  • Replicate What’s Worked. This approach may not work if your site is super new. But once you’re established, you can look at some posts that worked well and repackage or build on that content.
  • Follow the News. Newsjacking is a thing, for sure. The more you know about what’s happening in the world and in your industry, the more likely you are to identify helpful content for your site related to those topics. 

Most of these ideas circle back to your audience. Remember to listen to their wants and needs to produce high-performing content. They will let you know what works. If they don’t, ask them!

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8 High-Demand Blog Topics

Do you ever notice that blogs seem to post a lot of the same types of content? Not necessarily about the same topics, but in a similar format? These approaches work well with audiences, and you can use them to generate seemingly endless helpful blog topics. So, when you’re considering how to generate new ideas and attract people to your posts, think about topics that align with these formats and approaches.

1. Tutorials/How Tos 

Step-by-step instructions for tasks are easy to produce and helpful for your audience to follow. People love to learn new skills or improve the ones they already have. A unique how to can provide perspective your audience didn’t know they needed. If you have a knack for teaching but aren’t sure how to use it, blogs are a great place to implement your skills.

2. Self-Improvement

People are always searching for ways to improve their home, habits, attitude, relationships, and just about anything you can think of. Dedicating blog posts to self-improvement in your area is a sure-fire way to help your audience and maybe even yourself. Again, your unique perspective will spark ideas for your readers. 

3. FAQs

You know when you want to ask your favorite influencer a question on their Instagram post and then realize that 57 other people have already asked it? That makes your question fall into the “frequently asked” category. A blog post that answers your most frequently asked questions will be a one-stop-shop for your readers.

4. Interviews

Tired of coming up with all of your content? Bring in another person! An expert in an industry of interest or someone with a perspective different from yours can shake things up. Interviews spark a certain “reinterest” in your blog content simply because the content is different. An interview is also an excellent time to ask your interviewee some FAQs to get a different perspective.

5. Product Reviews

Blog posts dedicated to reviews garner consistent traffic. Reviews give your readers helpful insight into purchasing products or services. You will become well-respected for your honest feedback! Plus, no one likes spending their hard-earned coin on products and services that aren’t reliable or useful.

6. Guides

We’ve all heard the phrase “everybody starts somewhere.” Beginners need extra guidance when jumping into a new endeavor. Your blog posts could be the thing that helps kickstart a new business or hobby for your audience members. A lot of brains operate in a manner that needs explicit instructions and helpful tips. You can help many people with an instructional format!

7. News

It’s unlikely that your blog is a news outlet, and we’re not suggesting it should be. But dedicating posts to news related to your brand can be a simple way to grab your audience’s attention. Reading your take on something your city/industry/country is experiencing as a whole will make you and your brand more relatable for your readers. Just remember to make sure the news applies to your brand and that you consider all views. 

8. Lists

Who doesn’t love a good list? Lists will increase your blog traffic. They’re helpful, satisfying, and streamlined. The topics you can make a list over are pretty much endless! Top 10, best of, and must-see are just a few list ideas to choose from. Someone out there will appreciate and share your list. And blog titles that include numbers (like the one for this post) grab attention.

Let Content Journey Help

You know how I mentioned magic blog fairies at the beginning of this post? Well, they kind of do exist. At Content Journey, we are content marketing experts who would love to help you generate SEO blog topics for your site. We’ll also write, edit, post, and promote your content so you don’t have to. Want to learn more? Contact us!

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