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13 Businesses that Need Blogs

You need a new groomer for your dog because yours moved. Or last night’s storm damaged your roof, so now you need a roofer. The first thing you do is google to check out your options. You’re not alone. More than 80% of people turn to Google first when looking for a product or service. As a business owner, you want your business to be a professional, authoritative, helpful option on the first page of search results. Blogs are one of the best ways to achieve that status. This post outlines 13 businesses that need blogs and why.

Business Benefits of a Blog

Blogs aren’t just a fun way to share your point of view. They also benefit your business in a cost-effective, archivable way. When you answer a question well, people can find it and benefit from it for years to come. That means you continue getting traffic on your site long-term. 

Ways blogs improve your business include:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Create a loyal community
  • Build value for your clients
  • Cultivate organic feedback

You may be spending a lot of your current business marketing time on social media. But that doesn’t belong to you. You aren’t in charge of whether that medium sticks around or if it enacts rules that mean fewer people see your posts. 

A blog is your property. While you don’t control Google, you do control what’s on your site and who you send there. Blog posts are easy to navigate and refer to. Because they feel more personal, blog posts create a faithful audience that supports you across multiple platforms. The blogosphere is almost like a “members-only club.” It’s where you build and serve your community. That kind of rapport is admirable and long-lasting.

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13 Businesses that Need Blogs

OK, so you have a niche business. So, where do you start with a blog? Is your business even capable of and worthy of having a blog? The answer is “yes!” If people google things in your product or service category (and we bet they do), your business will stand out more and gain more search authority if you have a blog. Here are 13 businesses that need blogs and why.

1. Liquor Stores, Breweries, or Wine Shops

Businesses that sell alcohol have the opportunity to sell and educate. Your audience probably has lots of questions — from favorite pairings to cocktail recipes. Your blog could answer them! Reviews and event promotions also spread awareness to increase exposure, attendance, and sales. There are so many opportunities for these businesses with blogs that we wrote an entire post about why liquor stores need content marketing.

2. Roofing Companies

Most people don’t have a go-to roofing company. A new roof or roof repair is a huge expense that most of us hope to avoid. But every homeowner eventually needs this type of work done. And it’s downright scary to choose someone to do it. You don’t want to get ripped off, and you want it done right. After all, it’s literally the roof over your head in need to help.

Roofing companies can use blogs to teach their audience how to avoid scams and work with a reputable roofing team. Show them how your company is different with a solid mission statement and customer testimonials. Give your audience a helpful timeline for when it’s time to replace their roof and why. Once a customer has chosen to support your company and purchase a new roof, you can teach them how to protect their investment. Photos are also useful so clients can see your quality of work.

3. Pool Companies

While roofs are a necessity, pools are a luxury. But creating a backyard oasis is still dang expensive. We see people asking for pool company recommendations all the time! And once you get a pool, you probably have no idea how to take care of it. You need help! 

Pool installation and maintenance are topics for super helpful blog content. A collection of blog posts can aid your audience in properly preserving their pools. Teaching your audience how to do things affordably while maintaining a high level of quality is the key. If they’re new pool owners, blog posts about construction info, pool servicing, and pool accessories is helpful. Providing this kind of information proves that your company is different. You’ll also set the standard in your industry, making you the expert people in the “pool world” refer to.

4. Landscape Architects

Most people care a great deal about the state of their yard. From how it’s designed to how it’s maintained, blog posts can be chocked full of tips and tricks. Give examples on what to plant where, how to fight pests, and how to care for your yard in general. Make space for your expertise as a landscape architect to be heard! Your audience will appreciate the extra assistance. And you’ll be the first company they call when they want to make major additions to their landscaping or want to hire out upkeep.

5. HVAC Experts

Experts in the HVAC industry have a unique skill set. Blogs are a great place to share that with people who just want to flip and switch and get hot or cold air every time. Show your audience that your company is different. You don’t just show up to fix air conditioners. You educate on preventing issues and what to do when they arise. Your clients need help protecting their investment and saving energy. Some companies in the HVAC world will try to scam their clients. Teach your audience how to look out for scammers and set the example for what a good HVAC company looks like.

6. Travel Agents

Many details go into travel planning, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel blogs are a popular place for your readers to search for specific travel info relevant to them. You can provide basic information like the best destinations to travel to, all the way to in-depth proposed itineraries once they arrive at the destination. Travel guides are also useful because they assist everyone from new to seasoned travelers. Blogs can change the trajectory of your job. You will go from planning trips to writing about why someone should plan a trip or visit a certain location. It’s a personal approach to traveling and builds trust with readers.

7. Dispensaries

Depending on your state, cannabis dispensaries are a relatively new concept. Because of that, dispensary owners can do a great deal of educating in the blogosphere. And there’s a lot to educate about. People are looking for information from the contents of various flowers to what smoke accessories to explore. Explaining your products, giving reviews, and providing specific recommendations can take your business to the next level. Your audience can better know what to expect when they visit your dispensary in person and why they should come there instead of going to a place that might not sell as quality a product. 

8. Realtors

Realty blogs are probably one of the quickest ways to make home-buying a more personalized experience and establish yourself as the authority in a community. Blog posts allow you to speak openly with your audience about neighborhoods, architecture, interior design, and the community. Representing yourself as the expert about all things in the community is a strong reason for a realtor to use content marketing. It will make you the go-to in a profession with lots of options. 

9. Estheticians 

Skin therapists, also known as estheticians, have what seems like a million things at their disposal to write about in a blog. From skincare recommendations and product reviews to makeup tips and service explanations… the possibilities are endless! Skincare and makeup are specific to each person. Provide educational content for all skin types, skin concerns, skin tones, eye shapes, and ages. This inclusivity will make you a reliable source in the beauty industry. Some products are not for everyone. Be honest about that. Tell your readers what they need and be prepared to give them options. Blogs are also the perfect place to share your opinions on industry advancements and news as well.

10. Independent Bookstores

Local bookstores are the kind of small businesses that garner support from pretty much all age groups and walks of life. Think about it… consistent readers all have a favorite bookstore. A blog might even be the thing that makes your bookstore somebody’s favorite. Book club posts and event promotions target your local audience while book reviews attract customers from anywhere. Avid readers love to research before they purchase a book. Google can use your blog posts as some of the first recommended references for such research, which in turn builds your number of supporters. And being able to mail your products means more site traffic is likely to lead to more sales. As an added bonus, many people would rather buy from a local bookstore than Amazon.

11. Veterinarians, Pet Boutiques, Groomers

Pet owners want to take their furry friends someplace they can trust. You can gain that trust through blogging. Give your audience care and training tips in addition to product reviews and recommendations. Trust us! People buy stuff for their pets. A lot of stuff. When pet owners see that you’re a reliable source, they will use you. They’ll also recommend your services to their pet owner friends. Our pets can’t speak to us, so giving owners insight into pet behaviors, habits, and needs is a huge help!

12. Boutiques

Fashion blogs are ever-evolving! Trends change consistently, especially in the age of social media. You can specifically cater to different styles and trends by providing multiple style guides and reviews. Blogs allow you to speak in-depth about your opinions on clothing pieces, shoes, jewelry, and the like. Boutiques can showcase their current inventory to increase sales and website traffic. People are much more likely to buy a clothing item online when they can reference a thorough review and description. And people love to shop local! Show them what you’ve got so they make your store a regular destination.

13. Test Prep or Tutoring Services

Testing is difficult. No matter what kind of test you’re taking! Tutoring service providers can ease test anxiety in blog posts by educating on various topics and providing efficient test-taking strategies and anxiety-relieving tips. Your point of view might be exactly what a high school senior needs to read before taking the ACT. Maybe someone needs your advice on timed tests or writing essays. Whatever it may be, a blog could be the tool that brings peace to an otherwise stressful task and encourages readers to get help from you.

Let Content Journey Help!

You don’t want to miss out on the traffic that Google search can bring to your business website. An SEO-optimized blog is the best way to get more eyes to your site through search. We understand that SEO and all that writing can be intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help! Own one of the business types outlined above, or another business you think could benefit from blog content? Let’s talk! Book a call today.

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